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POP art exhibit reflects culture


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Free at last: After months of anticipation, bottles of Free State beer on sale Friday

Had some last night! Make no mistake, it tastes exactly as good as it does from the tap...which is a little bit of an odd if walked into the brewery, they grabbed an emply bottle, filled it up and handed it to you. The labels and packaging are also very true to the feel of the Free State and Lawrence.

Very nice!

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Should Lawrence residents be allowed to keep non-working vehicles in their driveway?

What? Are they changing the laws or something? It is currently against city code to contribute to "open storage" on private property - including "storing" a parked car on a driveway.

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District wants more info before deciding closures

Maybe someone else could make more sense of the chart than I can, but, using the numbers:

New York total cost (enrollment x cost per) = $846,585.
of that $846,585, $471,366 is for teachers/admin., leaving $375, 219 for what? building upkeep? support staff? landscaping? lunches?

the same numbers with Langston Hughes:
$1,748,536 total;
$1,148,236. staffing,
leaving $600,300.for the same expenses?

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Vermont Street BBQ closing in four days

My fingers are crossed that this means the return of Last Call.

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Opposition arises to planned location for temporary shelter

The building in question isn't really fit to be any kind of shelter. It seems to have structural damage from the micro-burst, a bird and rodent problem, and is filled with junk. It is a high-ceilinged cathedral with little floor space, much like a small gym. It seems the only qualifying factor for consideration is that it was build as a church. There are church buildings all over town that would be more appropriate, and because they don't pay property taxes either, i don't see why they can't be considered?

It is a public building - go check it out!

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Wrong man told he won state contest

One of my favorite qoutes from a department of revenue related story:Archive for Tuesday, October 9, 2007 Treasurer's office suggests ideas to shorten lines"The tag renewal process was one of several issues studied in an 18-month management assessment of the treasurer's office conducted by a consultant. Treasurer Paula Gilchrist initiated the study. The consultant was paid $125 an hour for work that was done. Gilchrist said she could not immediately provide the total paid."web developer or Treasurer , these people deal with numbers all day, shouldn't they be able to double check whos numbers's go with whos name or how much they pay for consulting?

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New gas station touts its biofuels as 'earth-friendly'

Anyone see the price of their B20 biodiesel?

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Fluoride risks

Sadly, our son has dental fluorosis, which makes him sad, and is hard to explain to him. It also raises the concern about what could have happened to the rest of his body.

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Green groceries

what handouts are you talking about, bob?

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