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City agrees to create cultural district surrounding downtown

So...who has the last word? Cultural task force or Historic resources Commission?

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Town Talk: Homebuilding off to stronger start in 2012; Crown Volkswagen undertakes major remodel; weekly property sales, including a large downtown building

I was interested in sale of the large and vacant house on the corner of 7th and Rhode Island. Was there anything about the transfer that makes it look like there are big changes in store for the property?

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School consolidation working group won’t pursue specific closings

Would it be too late to replace the members of the consolidation groups?

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School consolidation group ready to move from talk to action

abcd123 makes a good point-- why start the conversation with the least attractive option to the community. Perhaps a better place to begin would be to find common ground with schools that are a good match, promote diversity and try to preserve the communities that share a common interest.
I thought the point of the consolidation task group was to investigate a variety of options: to see which schools could be a good fit together, not just in the interest of USD497, but for the community at large. There are so many questions to ask at this point--- so many different ways this could go--- where are those conversations?
It would be really nice to hear some of the conversations that are happening toward that end. Sadly it seems we have been forced to listen to the same conversation over and over again...with no new points being taken into consideration.

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New York School principal: Administrative assistant Sandy Unruh 'runs the school'

The article is cute and all, but not very realistic. New York School is constantly in the cross hairs of the district and could use some inspirational administrative staff to make it a truly great school.

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Town Talk: Berry Plastics files for building permit, releases rendering; architect seeking taller apartment buildings; Pink Box Bakery selling out

It looks like there are more than a few properties listed on Mondays planning meeting for Werner. They are all concentrated around Bullwinkle's and extend up the hill towards the Wheel.

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Borders store in downtown Lawrence to close by end of April as part of bankruptcy; 27 to lose jobs

I am anxious for the return of the "Stumble Inn" - wasn't that what the place was before?

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Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses longing to have.......paw paw!

I hate to tease, but I had a really good one the other day from a tree near downtown. Based on that tree, and another that i keep an eye on, it should be a good crop this year.

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Fossil finder has bones to pick

check out this guy's website:

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