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Faith Forum: What does a just society look like?

I'm relatively new to Lawrence...what is the SLT & why was/is it viewed as a slight to justice? Genuinely curious...

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CLOSINGS and modified hours March 2-3

Couldn't find where to submit this officially, but VINTAGE CHURCH is also canceling it's 10:30am service on Sunday morning...

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Lawrence boy receives more than 600 Pez dispensers for Christmas

As the dad in this story, I obviously thought it was pretty cool seeing my son's pic on the front page! That being said, I was pretty shocked to see the story placed we said to our friends & family who saw the story, "Must have been a slow news week!"

As for the disappointment a random gift, it's true, most kids probably wouldn't want a PEZ collection for Christmas. For a young boy who loves his dad & thinks the collection is pretty cool, however, it was kind of like the "Red Rider" to his "Ralphie," if you catch my meaning...he loved it - & the other cool stuff he got for Christmas - & that's what mattered to us!

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