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State report shows safety, security problems in sexual predator treatment program

I agree with jafs - When you cut funding, and demand that government "do more with less", you get a decline in the quality of services. I know staff out there that have been knocked unconscious, hit, kicked, etc. by the patients. The Over time is ridiculous and is harmful to all. This is one of the largest employers out there in an area where there isn't much employment and you think bringing it somewhere else will help get you qualified employees? Lousy pay, long hours and no protection will not get you more or better employees no matter where you move to.

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Supporters of DREAM Act rally against Kobach

When you stop giving more money and privileges to people who have come into our country illegally than you do to our military, then I will stop feeling "inhumane". When a soldier from Arkansas is stationed in Kansas but must pay out of state tuition, but children of illegals don't, it is just wrong. Bring our troops home and put them on the border@

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Thin line can separate coaching and bullying in schools

Everyone seems to be focusing on the coach and how he was bullying that poor child. So.. who is suppose to look out for the child that was being bullied - and called on it -for 3 weeks? How long was the coach suppose to let it continue? Until the other player was injured? He was in a no win situation. I agree - sports is a tough, competive activity and wimps don't need to be playing. If you cry everytime someone yells at you, you are going to have a very tough time all through life.

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Church leaders ask Kansas Legislature to stay out of illegal immigration reform

So, if you do something "illegal" (hey maybe robbing a store, etc.), it is OK if you are really just a nice person trying to get by. It is not OK if you are bad person doing bad things. Who gets to decide if the illegal activity applies to them or not? It is illegal for a reason. I have seriously thought about learning Spanish (and probably will), but it burns because I have to know it to communicate with those who have come here but can't be bothered to learn our language.

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Immigration law an issue at MLB All-Star game

Why has Jesse Jackson gotten into this as a race issue? Does David Ortiz carry a driver's license? We ALL need ID of some kind - no matter our race. It is all about Legal vs. Illegal - if you are in this country illegally, you are breaking the law! I'm tired of trying to make ends meet in this time of recession and knowing the cost of illegals - both in time, money and crime. Stand up for injustice - go after those who exploit the poor in other countries, take their money, and cram them into containers to get get them here illegally.

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Have you ever been involved in a vehicle collision with a deer?

yes - 4 - my kids call me a deer magnet and my brother's friends call to see if I "have gotten my limit yet". I hate driving at night - last one crossed over in front of car going opposite direction and I never saw it until it was in my windshield. Fortunately, no injuries to me or mine, but cars are a different matter.

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Tonganoxie clothier's success story began with birthday gift for her mother

Way to go for sure! Employees come and stay because they are treated like family.

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Immigrants aren’t taking Americans’ jobs, data shows

The subject of "illegals" is much more than just about farm labor jobs - look at all the construction jobs "that Americans don't want(?)". It is much more than propaganda, racism, or fear. It is like having someone come to your home and you must feed them, clothe them and pay for their education and medical care – invited or not. They are not required to learn our language, but we must make sure we have “interpreters” to make sure we can understand them. If you speak their language, you are given a bonus in salary because you can “meet their needs”.

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Efforts under way to close coverage gap in rape cases

Why does no one seem concerned that there were 4 rapes here on Saturday? There is no problem handling one or two at a time - but 4? Scares me!

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19th Century soldiers buried at Fort Leavenworth to be identified

They don't know who is who. The records of burials at Ft. Larned have been verified and there will be on monument with all their names listed and it will be located in the section where they are buried.

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