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Bowersock power plant signs major deal with Kansas City-based utility

That isn't how it works. Unless you build specific power lines, like they are going to do in Western Kansas to Colorado, you can't really decide which power to buy. Green Tags are simply a power offset. In other words if you pay for offsets it means that your power company sends you their normal power (coal). Then they use the extra money that you pay to purchase high priced green power from someone like Bowersock. The green producer then simply puts the power on the grid. No one knows where it goes.

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Expert witness says Cat Tracker had several defects that led to fatal accident on Iowa Street

Posters keep refering to "sitting" on the top deck. If you look closely at some of the photos you will see that there aren't any seats up there at all. It is a giant open deck. It's designed for most if not all of the riders to climb up on during the tailgate party. You would have to be crazy to think riding down Iowa street at 40 mph up there is a good idea.

It seems to me the current owner, who has already settled out of court, could be in some trouble. The driver allowed people up there when he should have known that it was a bad idea.

On the other hand I don't see how Briggs could be held responsible for the new owner using the bus in a way it clearly wasn't intended for.

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Expert witness says Cat Tracker had several defects that led to fatal accident on Iowa Street

Old Enuf:

There wasn't any problem with the design of the top deck itself at all. The bus DID fit under the bridge. It was the head of the victim, some two to three feet above the top of the deck railing that didn't fit.

A six foot tall man standing on the top of a semi trailer wouldn't have fit either. The question is did Briggs/the current owner design enough safety features into the bus to prevent, someone from getting up there while the bus was in motion. It seems to me that responsibility resides with the owner not the builder. If someone crawled on top of a semi truck and got scraped off on a bridge we wouldn't blame Peterbuilt.

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City of Lawrence being asked to establish campsite for homeless people

There is a Tent city between the railroad tracks and the back of the Allen Press building right now. That is basically on the other side of the tracks from the proposed site along the river. I'm not sure why we are arguing about starting such a camp when one is already here.

By the way in my grandfather's time it was called a Hooverville. Isn't exactly something new.

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KU tries new tactics in getting scalpers to stop selling basketball tickets

If you go to a KU football game you will see lots of scalpers... All off campus on the far side of Mississippi street. If they cross the street they will get a ticket. It has been that way for 3 or 4 years.Basketball is different. Allen Fieldhouse isn't located on the edge of campus. Therefore scalpers off campus won't get as much "traffic" because they must be farther away from the action. The scalpers risk the ticket because 19th and Naismith is a better place to sell then 23rd and Naismith.

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Mail just 5 days a week?

Junk mail is less expensive then your personal mail because it is automated. Much of it travels all the way to the letter carrier ready for delivery. Your personal mail has to be merged with other personal mail into delivery order. Easy to process junk mail subsidizes less profitable rates such as periodicals (magazines). Be careful what you ask for... You may get it.

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Many mail-in ballots lack proper postage

It isn't as easy as you think to pre print the required postage amount on the envelope. If the piece weight varies by community, due to local ballot measures, then the required postage will as well.

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New K-State AD has grand vision

We should put up a sign at each of our turnpike exits. It could say "If you were going to KU you would already be here!". It could then have a time estimate for the rest of the drive to Silo Tech.

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Douglas County cleaning up after overnight storm

Keith:In wind like that a wind turbine would be shut down and the blades locked into position. If they were allowed to run in that kind of wind they would tear themselves apart.

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Sexist call

This does not prove vouchers are a bad idea.

This school is small and its viewpoint is almost universally disliked. That won't change under a voucher system. Only a small fringe of society would choose to use their vouchers on a school with such policies. That would be a good example of free markets in action.

Trust in the ability of your fellow citizens to make good choices. In the end most will.

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