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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

So then porch fires because of couches occur at a significantly lower rate than suspicious Compton property fires? I guess students just
don't give enough bribes.

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City Hall leaders urge Occupy Lawrence protesters to ‘follow rules’

I've never seen anyone occupying the city commission meetings where Compton or Fritzel are getting their lovely tax incentive handouts. Perhaps if there were S'mores.

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City Hall leaders urge Occupy Lawrence protesters to ‘follow rules’

Just to knock down one of the 'requests' from the occupiers, a living wage can't work. The inflation adjusted average workers salary hasn't increased in 50 years. Why? Because of evil corporations? No. Because it is the Pareto efficient market clearing wage. If you triple what people make the market will correct and each dollar will only be worth a third of what it is now. It's a morality free process. This is one of the few parts of economic theory that actually has held up for a good chunk of our history.
Of course none of the people complaining about the stagnation in inflation adjusted wages mention how much the standard of living has risen in the same period. Nor does their empathy extend to the countries we outsource to and the fact that these jobs are akin to industrial revolutions pulling people out of poverty while at the same time indistinguishable on our end from similar job losses from advances in technology. (On that note, don't worry about call centers being outsourced to India, voice recognition tech will strip those jobs from them in the decade)

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Retail incentives on Lawrence City Commission agenda

Unfriendly to business? Psshh, maybe they make a show of it sometimes but they're always chomping at the bit to give a buddy a tax incentive. I remember the commission meeting on the Oread where they claimed they couldn't make a profit without all the tax breaks. And of course the commission said 'gosh you're right' based on the numbers Compton gave. My question was why would anyone build with such narrow estimated profit margins, how could anyone be so bad at running a business. Of course the fact was that it was all lies and they had to put on a show to justify the deal they'd already struck behind closed doors.
The only people saying these incentives are important are the businesses profiting from them. There are so many other factors in deciding where to locate that tax incentives are only seen as a bonus. Every independent study has shown the incentives do nothing to bring a business to one town over another. Add that to the fact that we really have no competition when it comes to restaurants or retail. Does the so called 'leakage' mean they are going to build a Red Lobster in Eudora or Baldwin? No.

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Kansas Department of Revenue locks door on Jefferson's Restaurant in downtown Lawrence

I was going to buy Jefferson wings for dinner tonight....

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Kansas bar owners say enforcing long-ignored liquor law means higher drink prices

Government mandated pricing structures are vile. Here is the list of complaint numbers for this stupid F law. It's the publicly listed cell numbers of every ABC agent in the state.

As for all you people that are apparently in support of punitive regressive vice taxes, try to remember that even if someone in your life couldn't handle the drink and ruined soooo much for you. The rest of us are doing fine with it and don't need to be punished for that A hole.

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KU officials clear McCollum Hall, say suspect in gun incident is believed to have left campus

1. All this hellabaloo over a phrase someone overheard. It could have been a nerf pistol, a bb gun, whatever, the details are spotty at best. This whole thing has none of the trademarks of a crazed campus gunman, yet by the comments it appears that is the story being portrayed .

2. This has nothing to do with CC. In fact, if CC were allowed this wouldn't be such a kerfuffle as the response to what was overheard would be "yeah, lots of people have guns here. what's your point?" Saying that CC people would constantly be losing their tempers and shooting people is speciousness.

3. I'm so happy to have an opportunity to use hellabaloo and kerfuffle.

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Two dead, two injured in industrial accident at Lawrence's MagnaGro International

I imagine if Sawyer was doing something as obviously illegal as discharging chemicals through the toilet, he probably wasn't a stickler for OSHA standards either.

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All three sales tax questions pass comfortably; Democrats win most races in county, nation

regardless of who said the quotes, econ 101 will tell you those same things. But I am excited that insurance companies are going to be forced to take people with pre-existing conditions. I'm going to drop my coverage tomorrow and save my money until I have some horrible disease that costs a boatload. Once it looks like I'm going to have a 100,000 hospital bill then I'll pay, but not until then. Surely no one else will have this same idea.

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