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In wake of settlement, Boardwalk Apartment owners asking tenants to leave quickly

I lived at Boardwalk during the fire. I helped many of my neighbors handing out clothes, food, coffee and a place to get out of the cold before Red Cross set up. I stayed at Boardwalk after the fire for over a year. My apartment needed many repairs. I ask management to make the repairs several times. They did not make the repairs. October 2007 it started getting cold, I again asked for the windows to be fixed as it was getting cold. The repairs were not made. In November 2007 I moved out due to illness from the windows not be repaired, as it would get so cold at night (I lived in a basement unit). Management immediately changed the lock on my apartment. I was not able to get lots of my personal items and could not clean the apartment! BOARDWALK SUED ME FOR $2,600, THEY SAID I DAMAGED THE UNIT, WHICH I DID NOT. Moving my be a hassel for the current residents, but it is for the best. That place should have been closed down years ago. How could they sue anyone for damages if the place is condemed!

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One woman killed, three people injured in K-10 accident

Helen's son Dylan Monahan's birthday is Friday. If you would like to send him a birthday card or send the family a card the address is:Dylan Monahan or Helen Moorhead FamilyPO Box 454Eudora KS 66025Helen was a wonderful Mother and raised her children to be the best they can be.

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One woman killed, three people injured in K-10 accident

igby - you just brought a smile to my face. Helen would love your comment that you thought she was 40. Yes, she was beautiful.

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One woman killed, three people injured in K-10 accident

Helen is my best friend. She had the heart of an Angel. Helen would do anything for a person. She was totally devoted to her children and grandchildren. I moved away from Lawrence a few weeks ago, Helen and the boys were there to help me pack and Helen was made a special trip the morning I left to say goodbye. Anyone that had the pleasure of making Helen's aquaintance is a better person for it. If a memorial fund could be set up, that would be great, so they have assistance with expenses, and set up a college fund for the boys. Can someone let us know how we go about setting this up for the family?

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