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New 'no gun' signs posted in public buildings

Nice of the legislators who passed the concealed weapon law to exempt their grounds from it; *their* safety is really important after all.

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Eudora to start kindergarten fee

I am horrified that a school district thinks it's a good idea to charge children for what is supposed to be a right - something open and accessible to all. I am also very upset that the teachers themselves see this as a good thing- is it even legal? I am a teacher and have taught in several districts - money is always tight, more so now than in the recent past- but making parents pay for the right to go to school? this is horrible, and it leaves many questions unanswered: what if I can't afford kindergarten? can I be denied school if I can't pay? what if next year we still need money? what if kindergarten doesn't make enough money? will other grades have to pay, too? at what point have they become a private school, since public schools are free? do other laws and rights not apply in Eudora public schools?

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Kansas Senate approves bill to regulate daycares

I live in NC and they have a very big system that includes a data base where you can see what rating a day care has, what complaints or investigations it has had, places are inspected on a regular rotation so they can lose or gain stars, have to prove all kinds of things - including education of staff, etc. I LOVE it!! I have had 3 kids in day care and this system has been so very helpful to me. Tax dollars at work for once.

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Family of former KU athletics director Frederick files suit against city, gas utility

Sadly, it is the threat of lawsuits that keeps many businesses and others doing what they should, and this lawsuit is necessary to help remind people of their responsibilities. Of course the country has gone overboard on lawsuits, but go back not too long ago and see what happened when no one was afraid of being sued.

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What was your coldest day?

I was at KU for finals in '89 and I remember walking from the Towers to the art museum and when I got there ice had formed on my glasses. I heard it was -27 in the night, but it wasn't a lot better in the day. I saw people during finals wearing blankets and bathrobes and comforters and I was jealous that I hadn't thought of it.

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Tonganoxie couple taking retirement as an opportunity to move somewhere warmer: Kenya

They spent many years teaching and helping Americans. Besides, helping people is helping people, regardless.

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Engineering their future: KU camp works to attract girls to science field

I was excited to read this article and find out about these girls and this program, but was disturbed by the photo - where are the life jackets? would they not wear protective gear in the lab?

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Tonganoxie woman killed in accident on 24/40 just south of town

I used to commute that way every day and this was pretty much my worst fear

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12-year-old making plans for getting his pilot's license

I teach 12 yr olds. Even the most mature does NOT have the judgement to operate a vehicle.

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