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Photos | Two-alarm fire damages Lawrence Burger King

was it caused by dirty grease traps? very few restaurants actually keep their grease traps above the grills cleaned like they are required too.

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Indian tribe that purchased North Lawrence property involved in casino-related lawsuit

I believe their tribal land was located ne of Perry Lake in the Oskaloosa/McLouth area, north of 94TH from Ferguson Road East to just over the Leavenworth/Jefferson County line. When they forced them to walk to Oklahoma, one of the routes went through what is now Eudora and their is a cemetary in their name on the north side of the Kansas River at Leavenworth County Road. I live on property that was once part of that tribal land.

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Three arrested in Jefferson County after wide search for stolen truck

I thought number 4 was in the topeka hospital, apprehended by Perry PD ecause allegedly he was injured from an earlier accident and could not run any longer. didn't know about the fifth suspect.

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McLouth police seize gun, methamphetamine in drug bust

You mean Gary Farmer? Yea, he is a lost cause just like all the other meth heads. Gary Farmer, one to definitely lock up and throw away the key. He is alleged to commit more crimes in this county than any one else. Somehow he keeps getting released on bond, just to go and commit additional crimes and/or get busted for possession again.

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McLouth police seize gun, methamphetamine in drug bust

It's a typo, the other suspect is Kenneth McAfee.

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Feds try to seize property tied to drug case

Brownback? Really? How does he fit in here? He is the governor, not a federal law enforcement officer, a federal appointee or a federal elected representative. The feds seized the property and want to sell it. Happens all the time. But, what should be done, is they temporarily seize it and not be allowed to do anything with it until and only if the accused are convicted.

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Fire destroys house north of McLouth

Alright speed, that is what ya know. But here are the facts,propane, like its natural gas cousin is odorless. An odorant such as ethyl mercaptin is added to alert occupants to the presence of leaks. However the odorant may lose its effectiveness, particularly if there is rust in the tank. Propane is explosive at lower concentrations (2% - 3% of air) than natural gas. Propane appliances in basements or pits must have a dedicated drain to daylight. The drain must not have a trap. You have no idea of the detail or competency of my work, so you have zero basis for your allegation. To say such things of the profession of home inspectors is at best your opinion. To specifically point me out, is an allegation and slanderous. To do so in a public forum is wreckless. Do you really want to go down the path of slanderous and wreckless accusations in public? In this matter I have the International Residential Code in my pocket which has been adopted and observed by every county in this nation, and as such is directly admissable as fact, not opinion in every court of law.

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Fire destroys house north of McLouth

If you are going to have propane fueled appliances in your basement you must have a dedicated floor drain/vent for that appliance. Regardless if it is a walkout basement or not. Propane is heavier than air and sinks, natural gas is lighter and rises. It is against building code to have a propane appliance in the basement unless there is a drain. Also, check your CSST tubes. They are the flexible pipe between the gas line and appliance for leaks at least annually. Not with soap, there is a special blue liquid that you are supposed to use. Soap breaks down the coating and may not always produce a bubble to indicate a leak. I am a home inspector and the floor drain is always a write up if it is missing. The advice to check for leaks annually is also included in every report.

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Fire destroys house north of McLouth

Fire Marshall was there last night. That was the second house fire in rural McLouth this week. Monday night about 11PM a house caught fire and was destroyed also on Wellman Road, north of 94TH.

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