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Who will win the Kansas University vs. Kansas State University football game?

"Plus now we've got Davey_ , who seems to be pretty satisfied with himself today."

Rara_Avis, it's not like that at all, I'm not satisfied with myself. I really have no problem with people having fun on here. You and Odeo and the others are actually very funny and I enjoy reading your posts. It was just a little painful at times when someone was being teased about their looks. If you guys were making fun of me (I'm ugly) I could take it, but there are many people who can't. Keep up your humorous posts, we really do enjoy them. And, no I'm not in the Navy, but if you want to make fun of the way Billy Joel looks I won't complain.

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Who will win the Kansas University vs. Kansas State University football game?

Good job LJWorld, you're not a gossip rag after all. No more negative comments from me, thanks for doing the right thing.

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What was the last crafts project you worked on?

I actually enjoy reading most of your posts, they are usually very funny. My concern is with how the LJWorld lets people be humiliated publicly for no good reason. Especially if it's a person who didn't do anything other than agree to answer some stupid OTS question. Keep up your amusing posting, but please try to be nice about it.

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What is your favorite dog trick?

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What is your favorite dog trick?

"We need more from "The Merc." Just to honor the "Stink In" on Wall Street."

Hahahahaha............you are on a roll today ODEO BOY, oh my side hurts from laughing so hard. How do you come up with all these original jokes. Never has another poster made such funny comments about The Merc being associated with a bad smell. Oh my goodness, your day or days in the spotlight are not far away ODEO BOY, .........I can just feel it. So, be patient and keep up the good work. Someday soon you'll be a star. Who knows maybe you'll even appear in the LJWorld, now that's big time.

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What is your favorite dog trick?

Hahahahaha............ oh man, another good one. I just love the way this dirty little gossip rag the LJWorld gives you the artistic license to amuse us with your hilarious comments about how others look. You and LJWorld should be proud of yourselves there ODEO BOY. Hey next time, give us a link to your photo. I want to save it with the others. And please be patient, I feel you're about to get the attention you deserve. Keep up the good work ODEO BOY and you too dirty little gossip rag LJWorld.

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What is your favorite dog trick?

Hahahaha........... you are a riot. We're so glad you stay up till wee hours of the morning amusing us with your humor. Please keep doing it. I think your about to get the attention you've been craving there Odeo boy. Just be patient.

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Lawrence man charged with shooting his 80-year-old cousin in Illinois soybean field

I went online and read the comments. They were cruel to say the least. I began going back and looking at the comments left by the ones involved in this and noticed they regularly did this to many other people who appeared in the OTS photo. I'm sure many of the others they made fun of were just as hurt as this young man.

I began posting myself in an attempt to get the ljworld to stop letting this happen. Did they care, NO. It seemed to me that the ljworld was enjoying these cruel posts as much as anyone else involved. So, I disagree with you ignatius, I think the ljworld does want to "keep anonymous online commenters happy". Especially if these commenters enjoy making cruel comments about a nice young man's appearance.

Also, your comment that I should spend my time doing something I like. Well, I am. I'm trying to help others. That includes people like this young man and others who make their headlines only because they made mistakes or ran into some bad luck. Because I noticed that those were the articles with the cruel comments from these anonymous posters.

I'm not a knee jerk poster. I've spent hours looking through comments by anonymous posters. Here is the impression I get. Throw up an article that really isn't news, but involves a good hardworking citizen who has fallen on some bad luck, then let a feeding frenzy of anonymous losers post pretty much anything they want about this person. Great fun isn't it? Yea, if your a momma's basement dwelling, unemployed jerk. Just the kind of people the ljworld likes to keep happy.

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Lawrence man charged with shooting his 80-year-old cousin in Illinois soybean field

ignatius....... I respect your opinion. But, you unknowingly hit the nail right on the head with the last part of your comment,

"It's their job to make money and inform citizens, not keep anonymous online commenters happy."

ignatius, we agree it's their job to make money. Informing citizens is true also if it's actual news and not small town gossip the general public could care less about.

"Not to keep anonymous online commenters happy" is where we differ, and I'll explain why and you will understand my disgust.

Not long ago, a family friend was stopped by ljworld reporters while he was walking downtown. He was asked to participate in that day's OTS question. I don't remember the question, but it's not really important. He agreed to answer their question and let them take his photo to appear in a later issue of the ljworld. This young man had recently been through a very difficult personal issue, but his spirits were somewhat lifted at the thought that he would appear in the ljworld. He was so proud of this he immediately told all his friends and family to "watch the paper, I'm going to be in it".

When he appeared in the ljworld OTS section his mother phoned me right away to tell me to take a look. She said he was grinning from ear to ear when he first went online and saw his photo and comment.

Now here's the sad part, and the part you are wrong about. For the rest of that day this young man monitored the online responses the anonymous posters were saying. For the most part none of the posters were commenting about the OTS question. No, most were making comments about this young man's photo. Making fun of the way he looked. I probably don't even have to tell you how crushed this young man was. His mother called me the next day and was in tears over it. She said her son felt like a complete loser and was sorry he even told anyone he would be in the paper.

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Lawrence man charged with shooting his 80-year-old cousin in Illinois soybean field

"I knew this was a preliminary article and expected updates later".

Hahahaha don't count on it somebodynew. As soon as a college athlete gets a ticket or a good citizen of Lawrence runs into some bad luck, this dirty little gossip rag will drop this story like a hot potato to devote their time to "breaking gossip". Small town minds love small town gossip and ljworld is a family owned provider of small town gossip. Did you notice many people complained in the blogs about the recent "breaking gossip" coverage of an ex-college athlete involved in a DUI case. Maybe you didn't because this dirty little rag removed all the comments about that article. Many posters, including myself, were critical of the article and commented about the ljworld becoming nothing more than a small town gossip rag that loves reporting small town gossip and decorating this site with worthless questions like, "how often do you get a haircut". I guess as they say, the truth hurts doesn't it. Once again, good job Urinal Boys.

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