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100-year-old Lawrence woman recalls World War II service

Ernest is significantly younger...15 or 20 years i believe. Scandalous ;)

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Four vehicles involved in wreck on U.S. 59

Your license expires on your 21st birthday no matter what...maybe he hadn't renewed it since the big day.

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Family of Lecompton man who died in 2009 motorcycle accident files lawsuit against other driver

Mine sure don't. I'm paying my own way through 4 years of undergrad at KU and nursing school at a private university. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.
Oh, and they weren't married...or even together. Just saying.

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Family of Lecompton man who died in 2009 motorcycle accident files lawsuit against other driver

They shouldn't be suing for lost lifetime wages, but lost wages to cover the support of the child. $1 million is completely unreasonable unless that child needs that much to be supported until its 18.

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Family of Lecompton man who died in 2009 motorcycle accident files lawsuit against other driver

I was trying to look up the accident report, but it didn't occur within city limits so its not on the LKPD website. From what I understand, though, is that she didn't "pull out in front" of the motorcycle the way the articles make it sound. Also, the articles always say she was "trying" to turn left...as in, she was in the left hand turn lane, not necessarily perpendicular to the motorcycle at the time of collision. I believe the motorcycle driver's leg was actually stuck between the bike the driver's side door, which is what caused him the most injury. Thus, it seems to be a very close call as to who hit who and it happened basically on the yellow line, nearly head to head. Its so easy to blame the driver of the car because the car is larger, but motorcycles are difficult to see in broad daylight, nevertheless in the dark, lights or no lights. Also, the particular intersection the accident occurred in is terrifying. People fly through there at 70 mph because there's no speed limit sign to to tell them not to, regardless of what common sense tells them. Daylight savings time had already ended, so at 5:35 it was nearly dark, if not dark already. As it happens, Karissa was in the left hand turn lane, coming from a complete stop and NOT driving at 70 or 60 or even 20 mph. But how fast was the bike going? Not sure, but I'd assume fairly fast...even 30 mph would be devastating. If she had been texting or otherwise distracted then she would have been issued a citation for inattentive driving and failure to yield.Though it is not listed in the article, I've been told by a reliable source that the driver of the bike didn't have a motorcycle license...again, not verified since I haven't seen the accident report. But taking into account the actions of both parties involved is entirely necessary before pointing fingers and accusing either party. Prayers are with both the family of the driver and family of the deceased and may everything work out fairly in the end.

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Perry man injured in two-vehicle accident near Hamm Quarry

Dear crazyredneckmomma4,
Hindsight is always 20/20. I'm sure at this point, and for everyday for the rest of his life, Jon is going to regret speeding that day. So please stop pointing out that he was speeding. We all know that, as you've mentioned it several times. I'm sure you're guilty of speeding before. Aren't we all? But that day your friend got lucky and was not severely injured in that wreck. He is not on his deathbed and was not almost killed. I feel for him and his family and I hope that he is doing well, don't get me wrong, but do not be so dramatic about it. Jon is still fighting for his life and no one cares what the "facts" are, we just care that he pulls through. The Pogges are my second family; I've known them since I was in kindergarten (I'm now a senior in college), and I've spent time with them and seen Jon at the hospital and I can assure you that the "facts" that you claim are so important for all of us "Perry people" to understand are entirely irrelavent at this point. As is your opinion. Perhaps you should be counting your blessings that your friend is okay and that it wasn't your family involved and just let it go. In an unfortunate manner, everyone has learned their lesson in this situation.

On another note, for anyone who cares, Jon WAS wearing his seatbelt regardless of what the accident report said. If he had not been wearing it, he would not be here today. His injuries are a result of him wearing the seatbelt.


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School-closing talk turns to junior highs

I went to a 4-year high school. I turned out just fine.

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Lecompton man dies from injuries he received in motorcycle accident

Because the driver did not fail to yield. Both vehicles were very close to the yellow line (seeing as the car was going to turn) and the motorcycle was traveling at an excessively high speed. Hence why she never saw them, and they probably didn't see her since they weren't wearing helmets and it gets a little windy in the eyes when you're riding fast. There is no telling who truly hit who in this situation. Unfortunately the news gets out before things are reviewed and people pass judgment before all facts are known. That is why she will not be charged with anything and is not 100% responsible for the accident. She is absolutely devastated that any of this ever happened, by the way. She also was not texting for anyone who was wondering. I can only pray for everyone involved as I know both parties involved. Jason was a member of my graduating class and I've known him for 15 years. He was a good guy. Unfortunately a helmet could have saved his life, so let this be a lesson to all of us. RIP Jason.

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Lecompton man still in serious condition after motorcycle accident

I actually know everyone involved ironically and I work in the heathcare field. It is unfortunate that the boys were not wearing helmets, but that does not excuse the fact that the helicopters were unavailable to do their job. If it was in fact a shift change then there should have been double the amount of people available to fly a helicopter. And if I remember correctly, there wasn't any rain or snow or sleet that day. As for the driver who "failed to yield"....its called an accident for a reason. She would never hit someone on purpose. So it was exactly that. An accident on everyone's part. It was 5:30, sunset, rush hour traffic on a Friday and the chance that she just simply didn't see them is mighty high. You can't tell me that you've never almost been in an accident even when you were paying attention just because of the gazillion things going on around you. Its a sad thing for all involved and I can only pray that everything turns out okay for everyone.

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KU on Wheels bus crashes into Kansas Biological Survey building

Why can't this kind of stuff happen when I'm on the bus?! LOL

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