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Town Talk: Downtown Lawrence project asks for city incentives; Garmin provides more details; round of layoffs at golf course assn.

Compton probably deserves it less than anyone too.
That project will not bring in revenue of any sort.
We really need more apartments and empty office spaces?......REALLY!?
I'd love to hear where the demand is coming from.

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KU announces $22 million grant from U.S. Department of Education

The new KU chant....
My grant money brings all the boys to the yard,
And their like
It's better than yours...

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Traffic jam

For some reason I heard and saw Andy Rooney's whiny face and voice when I read this........that's really weird.

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Another downtown property owner expresses concerns about late-night food cart operations

As long as they comply with any relevant health code laws........BFD

"A licensed street vendor must prove current State of Kansas Health
Department Certificate of Approval if selling food or non-alcoholic
beverages, and must prove any other licenses or certificates that are
required by the State of Kansas."
From: http://www.lawrenceks.org/city_code/s...

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I fail to see why Central Lawrence residents would be gung-ho to support this.....
As the original article pointed out, the majority of season ticket holders are far West Lawrence residents. Those with a larger disposable income I would bet.....
I heartily support the arts, but not the further blight of our older neighborhoods.
The way things go around here, I wouldn't be surprised if the current building (a former church) becomes another homeless shelter.

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Rape charge prompts national fraternity to investigate local Delta Chi chapter

I personally don't like fraternities or sororities, but what you said I totally agree with.
Sometimes (always?) it's hard for people to put their personal biases and baggage in check.

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Mary Loveland - Boundary Issues

This article rocks so much truth.....It hurts!!!
D_I_s_t......I would vote for you for School Board, but I like you to much after this to wish it upon you.

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Do you support Kansas University's new policy preventing outside businesses from using sidewalk chalk as a way to get free advertising on campus?

Pretty easily actually.....the culprit is advertising itself and could be charged with defacement of public property (graffiti).....the medium is irrelevant.
See how graffiti is defined here - http://lawrenceks.org/city_code/syste...

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Power restored to hundreds following brief outage

"...Allen said the outage was caused by tree branches tangling with power lines..."

Westar has been trimming branches on trees the last few days around town (I've seen them).
It's more likely they caused this outage themselves (just saying it's a very distinct possibility).
Branches don't usually attack power lines without help of some kind (nature or man).....and it's a pretty clear day.

PS - Where does it say anything about "trash" involved?

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