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Lawrence school board moves forward with consolidation planning

That would involve immediate costs that could actually find better long-term solutions.....and save potential future costs. That would be too logical for the immediate BOE to grasp. You have to have some actual management experience to grasp that concept. Lord forbid that an outside entity should have a fresh perspective or tell them that they are wrong in any way.

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Lawrence school board moves forward with consolidation planning

This Task Force idea that empowers no one to make any new suggestions is the stupidest thing I have ever read (just about). So you are telling these representatives to come up with the best way to close the schools they are representing. For starters....how can personal biases not come into play? I will assume that the representatives are human.
Also....Close and Consolidate mean THE EXACT SAME THING for the purposes of this issue. To consolidate means to make more and smaller units into fewer and larger units.

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Support sought for consolidating elementary schools in Lawrence

"...and open new or expanded schools in older neighborhoods."

Those are the ones they will be closing....that statement makes no sense.
Building new schools in the neighborhoods where they end up closing schools is fiscally irresponsible. The repairs needed are in no way more than the cost of building new schools.

"...Other issues, including effects on neighborhood property values, also have been discussed..."

They will fall.
Why would the neighborhoods be more attractive to buyers?
Schools provide places for activities and events besides just learning.....churches do as well.
The young families will move (the ones that can afford to) to be near the schools. Families coming into Lawrence (KU faculty etc.) will want locations near schools and a real "neighborhood atmosphere".....I'm sure that's what KU tries to sell them.
The only increase you will see is in the number of slumlord college rentals.
That's the fate for Central/East Lawrence on this path.

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Former KU employee sues for age discrimination

"...The suit says Faucher informed Cook and six other customer service center employees in 2009 they were being laid off 'due to a reorganization caused by budgetary problems.'..."

Isn't Ola Faucher running for school board too?......Interesting.......

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Lawrence police officer sent to hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries following assault during traffic stop

I can't think of any fact (based in reality) that would make the situation "OK"......oh wait.....perhaps the suspect slipped on some ice and landed on the officer's face fist-first....there we go. I extrapolated a fact.

Best wishes to the officer.

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Kansas Board of Regents reject 7.5% pay cut solution

I'd gladly take a pay increase to $100,000 and gladly let them cut it by even 10%....even more...no sympathy here. People are very protective of their standard of living.

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Lawrence's Central might include 'Liberty' in school's name

Branding is expensive......signage changes....shirts and jerseys.....stationary....I'm sure I'm missing a few things here and there as well. What about official City documents etc.
There are direct and indirect fees for doing just about anything.

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Town Talk: Five-story building proposed for 800 block of Vermont; project in 1000 block of Vermont also moving forward; Poehler Building considered for redevelopment

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Retail report details what Lawrence shoppers buy — and whether they buy it in town

Another problem...which we've read articles about.....is that Lawrence is priding itself as a retirement destination. There was an article about this subject here not to long ago in fact. Add that to a young college town and you have a serious problem in the form of a wide rift in whom to cater your clothing business to.....Is it the Urban Outfitters/Gap or Spectators demographic we are trying to court?......Looks like Talbots lost.....

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Lawrence man reports armed robbery on West 12th Street

"...Could someone , somehow put GPS systems on the heads of the city commission so we can track their thinking?..."

OK......I like that one.....not even Google Maps can help us with that....

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