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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

Exactly...Self will never be able to out cheat...excuse me...out recruit Calapri so he should stop trying. Start focusing on building teams that will have deep runs every few years instead of desperately trying get through the current season.

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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

These early flame-outs have become as predictable as they are old. Bill Self may be one of the best regular season coaches in the business...but is that enough?

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Wildcats knock off No. 8 Kansas

- First conference road losing record for KU since 03-04.
- First back-to-back road losses to KSU since 1983
- Lost to a sub .500 team

This team has some serious questions heading into the most important time of the year.

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Davis keeping relatively low profile in race for Kansas governor

It's a well known fact that reality has a liberal bias.

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GOP Strategy in Kansas: It's all about Obama

Huffpo doesn't say that; one study they posted said that. It's a wonky new conservative formula calculated to promote their own ideal. By that own study's formula Kansas is 35th in spending per student.

And seriously, if an 'economic index' such as the one promoted by the (again conservative) alec.org only considers tax burden Kansas would look like an oasis. Problem is states like Kansas have extremely few lucrative jobs due to it not investing in infrastructure...hence the population decline.

Kansas lost nearly 11 thousand people since 2010 while ranking in the bottom 10 of states with new out-of-state residents. Nobody wants to live in a state, no matter how low the taxes, if they can't fie a job worthy of their skills.

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GOP Strategy in Kansas: It's all about Obama

I was one of those. The thought of Obama invading literally kept me up at night. I'm now sleeping much better in the stronger economy of Colorado.

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KU to shuffle seating at Allen Fieldhouse

Yeah, the drop in athletic fee of $19 equals out to more than half a million dollars PER SEMESTER. People saying this is a move out of spite really thinks KUAD should just eat that dip in revenue?

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Self confirms Naadir Tharpe transfer

I don't know if he saw the writting on the wall that his starting days were over (Conner or the possibility of Graham) but good riddence.

If Self has stuck to his guns after giving the starting spot to Mason for a few games or gone with Conner we would've faired a lot better in the NCAAT, imo.

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Editorial: Disrespectful fans

"Any blockhead who utters that moronic line deserves to be confronted, if not booted."

Yes, because enforcing patriotism doesn't go against what the country is supposed to stand for or anything.

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Late Night in the Phog set for Friday

Happy days are here again!

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