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Lawmakers adjourn for weekend despite earlier vows to keep working

And 95% percent of them will still be re-elected because most Kansan's care about party more than country/state/etc.

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Joyful House Republicans vote to repeal reviled 'Obamacare'

Dead on arrival in the Senate.

And the Dems are right, GOP are failing to see the writing on the wall and are heading towards an landslide defeats in 2018...and this bill is only going to hurt them.

Fun history fact, the House GOP members sung the same song to the DEMs when they passed Clinton's tax changes in the early 90's. The DEMS went on to lose the majority.

History about to repeat itself.

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No repeal for 'Obamacare' — a humiliating defeat for Trump

Anyone else tired of all this winning yet?

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Amid allegations of unfair treatment, KU seeks to meet with father of women's basketball player; Zenger speaks on discipline policies

People with legitimate grievances deal with them through the appropriate channels.

They don't conduct a public smear campaign while declining to talk with the institution they supposedly have a problem with.

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

Who are these 'multiple sources' that are leaking these nothing-burger incidents?

The same KCStar reporter has broken each of these stories...and they continue to look like nothing but a smear campaign.

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After no prep work, lawmakers must write new school funding formula from scratch

"But in the two years that have passed, the Legislature has done virtually nothing toward developing a new formula."

A preview of what national GOP politicians will do with Obamacare.

We're about to take this joke of governance national.

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FBI chief: No charges against Clinton after new email review

Again, any 1st year CS student could write a program that would sort out already reviewed emails AND not all of those 650,000 were related to Clinton.

If this is really that hard for you to grasp you should really think about some basic CS classes or even logic 101 from a library class or something.

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FBI chief: No charges against Clinton after new email review


But don't let facts get in the way of a good ad-hominem.

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FBI chief: No charges against Clinton after new email review

The fact that you saw this for the nothingburger it was doesn't make you some kind of political genius...it just means you actually accepted reality for once instead of giving in to your usual alt-right bias.

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