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White House reviewing options for ‘cash for clunkers’ funding

So, if they buy something that saves them $100 in gas/month, but they are still paying a loan. Hmmm. make a local bank rich or make the arabs rich? Not a problem to me. I'll pick the bank, thanks.

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White House reviewing options for ‘cash for clunkers’ funding

If a popular (successful) website is inundated with hits, it slows the site down or even shuts it down temporarily. This program has been so successful, that they will have to slow or shut it down to make sure they haven't gone to far over the billion dollars. But right wingers are crying failure? Are you all that heavily invested in oil and love the Middle East sooo much, you can't stand the thought of more fuel efficient cars running around? Or are you just mad, because you didn't get your gas guzzler traded fast enough?

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City annexes vacant Farmland plant site

Vacant? Last time I drove by there was still many run down rusting structures. Please no more apartment complexes, construction companies, and retail. Put in some real businesses. Isn't it time that the US started producing again?

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What did you think of this year's downtown Lawrence sidewalk sale?


I don't shop at WalMart, because I don't want to pay for the granddaughter's party lifestyle. Why did she bother going to college? She's set for life anyway. What deserving student got rejected by this college, so she could "attend"?

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Why is Roman Catholicism attacked so much?

"So, “Big Prune,” are you claiming that the more hated the church is, the more likely it is to be the “True Church?”"

Big Prune didn't write this. He kind of cited it by mentioning Fulton Sheen, but he has copied and pasted word for word Archbishop Sheen. Check out Ralph Reed's link above. There is a link to the whole essay, which sheds a completely different light on this subject. Big Prune has started this whole conversation from a quote, that was taken out of context. I think you have scroll down some to find it.

Big Prune, this is borderline plagiarism, you know.

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Ordinance change allows chickens, ducks

2 good decisions, the fire truck for north Lawrence and this. But with the requirements, does this mean they will have to hire a fowl cop?

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City to pay for extra fire crew

I can't understand why there isn't a fire station on the north side anyway. But at least the east side has one. I'm almost amazed at that. It's kind of irritating to hear people whine about Kasold and Wakarusa needing yet another resurfacing, and live in east and north Lawrence where most of the streets haven't been redone in 20 years. Unless, of course you live near the University. I sure hope you west siders appreciate our tax dollars, so you can have your pretty streets and sidewalks.

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No jobs, no insurance: Hard times for young adults

Why don't you superior beings try reading the whole article? Joe San Roman had insurance, probably the $50/month insurance. He couldn't afford the huge copay to go to the emergency room, so he sucked it up and drank shots of tequila for the pain until the next morning, so he could go to the doctor's office. I'll bet none of you wimps could do that. Of course all of you are rolling in money, filthy rich investors who can afford anything. You make assumptions that people without insurance have cell phones, fancy cars and apartments, and expensive cable. I know a lot of people who don't have cable, or it's a part of their apartment lease, use a pay as you go type cell phone, and bike or take the bus, and still can't afford insurance. Of course they are just dirt to you, and should just die if they get sick. There is always someone to replace the guy who changes your oil, checks out at the grocers, waits on you at the restaurant, or just generally wipes your wimpy back sides. I hope you never fall on hard times, because no one would be willing to help jerks out.

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Juvenile justice

This wasn't exactly shop lifting. Teens make some wrong choices, but this was a violent crime. Teens doing violent crimes should be tried as an adult. I think it was in the 80's when gangs were having teens kill people, because they would be tried as a juvenile. Most people have a fully developed sense of right and wrong by the time they are 10.

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Schools’ $1.4B in reserves off-limits

Then what would happen when the state says "Oh we will be a month late paying you"? There would be no money to make payroll. This happens often. Also, the reserves are for when a furnace dies or the school van blows a rod. Everyone, including schools should have a reserve savings for unforeseen events, even in hard times. I know it's not easy to save, but it helps you when something breaks down. Then you don't have to use a credit card to fix it.

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