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Questions arise whether Lew Perkins violated state ethics law by accepting 'loan' of exercise equipment

Speaking of ethics, here's a question. How can Steve McAllister represent Lew Perkins when McAllister is a law professor (state employee) and the Solicitor General for the State of Kansas (State employee)? Both of McAllisters employers could very well end up having a cause of action against Lew when this is all said and done. If nothing else, the "appearance of inpropriatey" should be enough for McAllister to go back to doing what the taxpayers pay him to do instead of taking on a THIRD paying job while the two taxpayer funding jobs take a back seat to his private representation of Lew. This is such a mess. My only hope is that Bill Self doesn't just throw up his hands and say, "I'm outta here, hello NBA".

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

I would like to know how this story has fallen off the main page and now is wallowing in "more stories" section when there is obviously a lot of people who have something to say about our judicial system. Did someone request this story get pushed to "more stories"? I doubt I will get a response from LJW and if I do it better not be some sort of natural rotation of stories b.s. because I've seen some really lame stories stick to the main page for two days. This story had over one hundred blogs, finally something worthy of talking about and you bury it. COVER UP

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

Who did you speak with in the DA's office? When I called, they wouldn't give me Branson or any attorney on the case. I did learn through the grapevine, that there were five or six witnesses to the defendant being drunk. If they couldn't prove the DUI how did they get him to plead to it? What did they originally charge him with? Something stinks here. I will bet they charged him with some sort of homicide to look tough at the when there was a lot of attention drawn to the case and then plead it down when the dust settled. That seems to be Branson's M.O. I don't like it.

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

Some of you just dont get it. This is not a problem with the law or the judge. The problem is with our DA. The defendant was convicted of DUI (1st) and leaving the scene of an accident. The law is fine, 6 months for a DUI, that's the standard fare. The problem is the DA let this guy go on the homicide. It's as if no one was killed. Had the DA done his job and tried this defendant on the homicide, the law and the judge would have been able to incarcerate him for years (4-12 depending on his criminal history), but Branson once again put the judge in an impossible position by letting him plea to the DUI ONLY. So, don't get on the judge or the law, get on your DA for letting this guy off with ONLY a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident as if no one died. Call the DA's office yourself and ask to speak with him. He is elected by us and should answer directly to us, especially given the gravity of this case and his failure to do his job. However, I will bet you anything you don't anywhere near talking to him. I know he reads this stuff so, Mr. Branson, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! I will NOT vote for you again. You have shown me time and time again that you are no prosecutor, you are nothing more than a politician.

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Drunken driver who killed Lawrence woman on bicycle sentenced to 6 months in jail

The fact this guy got six months is NOT on the judge, he did all he could do under the law. The problem is with the DA. This guy killed someone while drinking and driving. He was was NOT convicted for the death of young lady. He was convicted of a DUI and leaving the scene. Why didn't the DA hold him accountable for this girl's death? This is a slap in the face to the family and our community. What message has the DA sent, get drunk, kill someone and we'll just go after for you on the DUI and we'll let you slide on the death of a innocent person? Hey Mr. DA, do your job and fight for victims instead of passing the buck to the judges. You claim in your campaign to care about victims and our community, lord knows you sure spend a lot of time glad handing people and talking the talk, how about you get into the darn courtroom and do your job and start walking the walk, or step aside and let a real prosecutor in there.

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Matthew Jaeger sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison

Kathy Nicols is Pedro's "hired gun". Do some checking yourself, she testifies on behalf of most of Pedro's client's. Of course she's going to say good things about his client's, otherwise the gravy train stops and she might have to actually get her client's herself. As for Pedro being an advocate of woman's rights? Says who? He's an advocate of the $, plain and simple.

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New marathon headed to Lawrence

I heard Jon King is working on this with Ryan Robinson which makes for a fantastic event! Two top notch guys and a great cause. Where do I sign up?

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Cork & Barrel owners end legal saga by selling liquor stores

the law of "one store one owner" as it applies to retailer liquor stores is due to the prohibition against class D licenses (bars and restaurants) from buying their liquor from wholesalers, they must buy from liquor stores. If a chain or individual had all the liquor stores in the area they would dictate the market thereby driving up the costs for bars/restaurants which would drive up the costs for consumers. This is why, "one store one owner".What needs to happen is to repeal the prohibition agaist class D's from buying directly from wholesalers so they can get a better price which in theory they would pass the savings on to the consumers, it's called "free market".

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Jake Deckert enters guilty pleas in fatal hit-and-run on West Sixth Street; 14 days in jail recommended

compmd, then we are simply going to have to agree to disagree. You would rather have $ and I would rather have my pound of flesh. You are making a huge assumption that Deckert has a pot to p*ss in now or in the future. I have no problem with plea agreements, I understand they are necessary evils at times and at times necessary because a case goes south, but if this plea was a result of getting something rather than run the risk of losing than maybe it was overcharged to begin with. Why is that? Perhaps because the DA wanted the "I'm tough on drunk drivers" label when it came across his desk and now that the rubber is hitting road he's not so tough. If you're going to be tough on the front end, stay tough (unless the case falls apart). This type of overcharging and backing down undermines the confidence in that office. If I were a defense attorney, I would smell blood in the water. Look at that office's record on "tough cases", they lose or hang. DA playing the political game and he got caught on this one and it won't be the last.

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Jake Deckert enters guilty pleas in fatal hit-and-run on West Sixth Street; 14 days in jail recommended

I'm missing something, what is dat's "closeness" to this situation?

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