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Lawrence man gets 27-month suspended sentence for abusing female KU student he met on Tinder

No. Seriously. Ask Chris Coleman. ASK HIM!

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Republican freshman lawmakers in Kansas House undergo re-election briefing

When summing up what the Kansas GOP has done under Gov. Brownback, Karl Hansen should have stopped talking after he said: "We've slashed education, we're up here playing around with guns … and we're going to raise property taxes."

Nothing about that is a lie. Nothing. K-12 education was cut over $100 million by the governor and now the House and Senate want to slash higher ed funding too.

The Kansas GOP pushed and passed an unconstitutional gun bill that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend if not millions.

The Kansas House has repeatedly voted against property tax relief the past two years and is passing on costs down to the county and municipality level. Local property taxes are already painfully high and with the added burden of unfunded mandates and spending cuts property taxes most assuredly will continue to skyrocket.

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Kan. Senate moves against sex-selection abortions

But Sen. Garrett Love, a Montezuma Republican who supports the bill, said the courts would vet such claims anyway.

“The providers’ protection is the courts, the rule of law,” Love said.

Oh, now you trust the courts Sen. Love. Where's the deference when it comes to school finance?

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Statehouse Live: Budget subcommittee cuts KU Med Center proposal, recommends audit of KU


Caryn Tyson is in fact a senator. Sen. Tyson now represents the 12th Senate District which comprises much of eastern Kansas. It's also why she was in a Senate budget subcommittee hearing.

Email = Caryn.Tyson@senate.ks.gov

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Judge gives 26-year-old Lawrance man jail time, probation for having sex with teenage girl

I have no clue where you got that $100,000 number, but that is factually incorrect.

Federally, it costs $28,284 per year to house an inmate. In Kansas, I believe the cost per inmate is around $72 a day or roughly $26,000.

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Lawrence Citizens Beware!

Great analysis. Really spot on.59-41.

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A New View

Is the architecturally interesting and unidentified building situated on what is now Clinton Parkway the original Raintree Montessori School?

School bus, circular drive, right location.

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Final course

I've been lucky enough to have sampled Phil's cooking and hospitality for over 20 years. Phil is a treasured Lawrence institution and a wonderful soul. I'll be dropping change around the neighborhood now that you have enough time to thoroughly beat Mayberger.

Dakota Loomis

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