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Controversy swirls around artist's plans for project detailing the life — and death — of chickens

anybody that thinks eating chicken is the same as the old days is sadly mistaken. these animals are treated horribly in some places. they are raised way too quickly & fed amphetamines. what you are eating is absolutely grose. those chicken tenders you want to praise or those 'poppers' at Mcdumbells are nothing but garbage. see the website-meet your meat'. you will be sickened.

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The End of The Middle Class as We Know It

meet the new boss; same as the old boss. when will people learn; you can vote all you want you are still electing the same royal bloodlines that have gone down through the ages. they are keeping everything just the way they want. like marie antonette once said "let them eat cake". royalty is always the same. they care only for your taxes & the power over you. get yourself right with your creator; that's all that matters.

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Feminist author featured at Kansas NOW event

that's a heck of a thing to bring into a christian church. feminism is a strike against christ & his faith. feminism is satanic & wants to usurp a woman's role. no wonder there is so much confusion. women have become masculine, alone, lesbian, confused, not wanting a man & his role, no family life, etc. because of this blatant attack on them. i urge people to boycott that event. see www.henrymakow.com

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Vagrants and tree shade: Old ordinance books give insight into mid-1800s city life

such hypocrisy in this 'free state'. how is a free man a vagrant that lives as he pleases freely under heaven as the birds & squirrels? and how is he to come up with money for a fine? this man is godly in the sight of god. that ordinance should be tossed out of the books. christ himself lived as such. was he a vagrant? there is no such thing as a vagrant. only a materialized society comes up with such crap. if we should come up with such a term let's call people who sit in there homes all day vagrant. they are vagrant to the world. was hugh cameron vagrant? or was he in tune with his surroundings? i would congradulate such a man, not the conformed zombie that sits in an office. think on it!

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