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More than 600 gather at public forum to vent frustration with closing of Lawrence SRS office

People, people, people, you just don't understand. All these folks on SRS assistance just need to pray harder.

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Two Johnson County women injured in median cross-over accident on Kansas Highway 10

The K-10/K-7 interchange is dangerous especially heading west, but it would improve things if more drivers going through either east or west would move over to the passing lane. Way too many drivers don't move to the passing lane to allow incoming and outgoing traffic to safely merge. It's one of my biggest pet peeves and I drive it daily. One more pet peeve are the idiot speeders, particularly from Douglas County who run late in the morning heading east. Tailgating and speeding are a real problem everywhere on K-10.

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KCK abortion clinic denied state license

hahahahahahahahahaha! Says the sanctimonious kansanjayhawk. You're only interested in safe abortions. hahahahahahahahahahaha!

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Kansas' quick implementation of new abortion rules may force clinics to shut down

That would be impossible to figure. Abortion has been going on as long as women have been able to get pregnant! At the time the Constitution was adopted, abortions before "quickening" were openly advertised and commonly performed. Criminalization of abortion did not reduce the numbers of women who sought abortions. In the years before Roe v. Wade, the estimates of illegal abortions ranged as high as 1.2 million per year. Although accurate records could not be kept, it is known that between the 1880s and 1973, many thousands of women were harmed as a result of illegal abortion.

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Kansas' quick implementation of new abortion rules may force clinics to shut down

It's also a fact that they wealthy can get abortions. It's called a D&C, usually performed after a miscarriage. However, it can performed if the woman and her doctor expect a miscarriage to occur. In that case it is referred to as "expectant management". All a doctor needs to do is say that the woman expects a miscarriage, and therefore requires a D&C. Abortions in the first trimester are actually just D&Cs.

"For some women, the emotional toll of waiting to miscarry naturally is just too unpredictable and too much to handle in an already challenging time. Healing for them may only start once the D&C procedure is done. A D&C may be recommended for women who miscarry later than 10-12 weeks, have had any type of complications, or have any medical conditions in which emergency care could be needed."

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Kansas' quick implementation of new abortion rules may force clinics to shut down

Excellent point. The Christian Militia care only about fetuses, not actual children. Slashing of funding of social services and education budges that affect our state's neediest kids, what's so pro-life about that?

Planned Parenthood saves lives and saves women from having abortions. Its primary, #1 goal, is the prevention of abortion. Abortion is a last-case scenario. Obviously none of these people have ever used a Planned Parenthood facility. I have, and I'm over 60. When I was in college, years and years ago, it was the best place to receive birth control. I was and am still a Catholic. What was I supposed to do? Ask my mother? Ask my doctor? Catholic girls aren't supposed to have premarital sex, but they did, and they still do. It's a fact. I thank God I had access to Planned Parenthood.

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Brownback administration seeks removal of Civil Service protections at Labor agency, Democrats say

Why keep a few pesky Democrat employees around when you can fill those positions with your buddies in the so-called pro-life groups?

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