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Lawrence man arrested after fleeing fight

Smooth... What were you thinking?
I am surprised to hear no one was hurt... 15 on 5 and there were several people that just happen to be standing there that got caught up in the mess. If the tables would have been turned then I am sure it would have been a race issue. It all started when a drunk fool wanted to grab a lady's butt and act like it was no big deal. Too bad he wasn't the one to get knocked out instead of the fat white guy just minding his own business

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Committee approves making K2 chemicals illegal

Lets make canned air illegal as well since the unattended use of it by people can kill them. Then what will I have to clean out my keyboard with? There are ways of inducing chemicals to your body to get you high. I could ingest alcohol and get belligerent in court as well (sure thats never happened) but still legal. WTH do the uptight law makers really sit around and think about all day? "Lets see if we can figure out a way to make people just as unhappy as possible." WOW!

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Local officers stay busy with New Year’s arrests

No "RAVE" involved on New Years arrests? Is that project dead in the water?

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Highway patrol program targeted drunk drivers on Lawrence streets

"cheeseburger (Anonymous) says…

You people attempting to defend your 'right' to drive drunk make me nauseous. It's people like you that prompt all the incessant laws, because you can't think and act reasonably and responsibly on your own!

dadof3 - I hope your offspring grow up with a lot more common sense than you have, but sadly, the apple probably won't fall far from the tree."
2 of my 4 kids that are in school are top of the class :) and the thought process of posting 1 whole team of law enforcment agents (police officers in case you are unsure of the meaning) in 1 spot looking for drunk drivers is insane. If the police would do the job assigned to them then maybe they would not have to create a gang of officers and call it RAVE to catch the bad guys.
BTW don't go to Wayne and Larry's and look for the blond male officer I see getting hammered in there on the weekends then driving home. He might be part of the RAVE.

Common sense.... Drunk driving, text messaging while driving, both of these are just as dangrous as the other with one exception... 1 is legal and the other isn't. So my previous statment of the texting while driving... common scense.... The Officer that stole from target.... common scense. Cheeseburger, get bent and hope you dont get hit by a police officer that is texting while driving!

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K-10 wreck kills one, diverts traffic

Busy night! wow between Lawrence and Eudora, lots of horrible accidents. I hope everyone is ok!

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Highway patrol program targeted drunk drivers on Lawrence streets

I love it. Since 1 cop alone driving their patrol car paid for by tax dollars cant do their job lets put 8 out there to catch 1. So now we have an 8.1 ratio. If lawrence keeps thinking this way they will need to hire about 1500 more cops to cover New years. "To Protect and to Serve" Not harass!
I got a kick out of a HYPO the other day. Here I am driving down our beloved K-10 and this guy is txting on his phone (obvious by the glow from the little screen in his face when I passed) and I notice his head lights jerk behind me. I am thinking he veared off into the gravel while txting his girlfriend :P
Lets forget about the cop busted taking empty video games back to Target and selling the games online. Fine and outstanding

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Highway patrol: Driver had been drinking before injury accident on K-10 Sunday morning

@ mlgv
Your right I will complain :) Adults who just get pulled over under the influence get their license removed why not them? maybe then they WOULD learn a lesson.
mlgv= Advocate for underage drinking and driving???

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Violence at club raises concerns

feeble (Anonymous) says…

"Hey dadof3, check out…

KC, including the plaza and surrounding area, isn't nearly as safe as you are making out."

Yep seen lots of theft which goes with "not being able to afford shopping there" Honestly I feel much safer shopping there due to the better police coverage than Lawrence and our capable staff of law enforcment officers. I would rather take the family to Mccormick and Schmick's to eat knowing when I leave there will probably be an over weight cop arresting a shop lifter, rather than walk around downtown Lawrence and hope one of my kids don't get shot after an undesirable venue coming out of the Granasty.

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Ottawa man lifts car off of trapped 6-year-old, hailed as Superman

Mr Harris is a true hero! Way to go. If not for you I am sure the outcome would have been very different.

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Highway patrol: Driver had been drinking before injury accident on K-10 Sunday morning

Wow!!! I can not believe the kids are even trying to defend themselves (and looking like idiots) when they will probably get the chance to do that infront of a judge. Their Defensive attitude comes with the fact they all made it out alive. If the "friend" that suffered a coma would have died, I'm sure you guys would have been too busy sitting at home sulking about it instead of reading about it on line. The parents that are trying to be "friends" with there spoiled JOCO kids are retarded. I have been very fortunate to never have been hit by some stupid drunk kids and hope you lose your license so I have a few more safe years. I keep seeing this "they learned their lesson" crap. What if they would have killed me on my way to work at 11:pm. Would my family have learned a lesson from this? Would your sympathetic "lesson learned" have fed my 4 kids and paid my mortagage? Stop being stupid and just say your sorry you almost killed your friends,AND your sorry to spend OUR Douglas county tax dollars to clean up your mess. JERKS all of ya!

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