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KU student sues Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, alleging underage drinking led to head injury

Sounds like they were all drunk. He went to bed and passed out and his friends with a higher alcohol tolorance decided to give him a hard time and beat his head into a wall.....Your statement is as dumd as waking your passedout friend up and slamming his head into a wall.

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Family of six getting back on its feet after being homeless

Well done dad! As a single father I found my family homeless this year for 5 months. A few family friends helped us with a basement room to stay in. All our belongings in storage, myself and my 4 kids waiting on a proper home. I did not want to take my family to a neighborhood of high crime low rent. I stuck it out and found a suitable home in a decent area, with a good school. I did not reach out to community assistance out of my own ignorance. I work 55 hrs a week and found myself exhausted after work and did not know where to begin looking. I am very happy for you to be in a comfortable place as an amazing Dad with an amazing story. Welcome to Lawrence and God bless!

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night

My prayers go out to the families involved, Refujio is a good friend of mine and used to work for me. He has 4 small children and a wife that depend on him. This is very unfortunate. He was on his way to work to do a job he loved and did well. I pray for a quick recovery.
LJ-world is there a chance I can get an update on his condition? I can not contact the family at this time.

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Highway Patrol saturation patrol nets 10 offenders

I love it when a person knows everything about the world and the people in it by the way they spell. Im sure everyone that misspells a word on here is a drunk driver or promotes the likes of which. Please teach me your wisdom so that some day I might be as all knowing as you

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Cruel bullying

My daughter whom is in 3rd grade had a boy picking on her in class, calling her names and such. This was a topic of conversation during a parent teacher conference in which the teaher said she would move the boy to a different pod. She didn't and one day another boy whom sits in the same pod (pod of 5) seen the boy picking on my daughter and pushed the other boy down at recess telling him to stop. The other boy got in trouble. The teacher failed to remove the boy from the pod still. One day my daughter brings home a note from the bully making fun of her. I looked the boy up in the school directory and called the parents to describe the situation to the dad whom had a good laugh and hung up on me. So I went to his house with my daughter, knocked on the door and his dad answered. I said "hi *$@*face this stops today or I will become the bully and I'm not very nice as a bully" along with other statements (I'm 6'1 210 he was 5'8 140) guess what, the lill boy is just as nice as can be :) (Dads can sometimes be the hero).

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Driving decency

OMG the grammer police are rofltao at the un-edited typos on a public thread. Don't worrie folks next time I'll preview my comment and proof read it for errors since I know many of you have nothing better to do than proof read every comment you see and point out the flaws. I guess I read faster than most or just don't care to point out the flaws others post. and I still think the guy in the orange truck is an idiot.

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Driving decency

The topic of conversation here is "Driving decency" Not grammer police. :)

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Driving decency

INCONSIDERATE, IMPATIENT, INCOGNIZANT....... And many other words, some of which are very nasty and impolite is what I use to discribe TONS of drivers in this general area. Not just Lawrence but within 100 miles of here. I ride a motorcycle every day I can. I love it. It uses much less gas than any 4 wheeler. I ride to work and home every day. I feel free when riding and I have an equal share of the road when I am riding. HOWEVER it is dangrous to ride around here. I was riding thru town yesterday headed east on 19th just about to Haskell. I was turning left on Bullene ave when this lifted older Orange 80's Chevy Truck almost made my day a terrible one.
1. He was following too close.
2. He was not paying attention. As I gave a signal just after Delaware st that I would be turning,
3. He had to slam on his breaks and jump the curb to avoid killing me. (I downshiffted and opened it up to avoid getting hit).
Talking about road rage. I was HOT. Stupid people driving and not paying attention is what is going to be the death of me!
I hope the driver of the orange truck reads this. YOUR AN IDIOT. Do us all a favor and hold your breath untill I turn blue in the face. I will remember that truck for a long time ;) and I will see it parked somewhere sometime ;) Hope I'M paying attention that day!

For those of you that are attentive and respectful of ALL persons traviling the roads and keep your eyes out for bicyclist, joggers, and Motorcyclist.... Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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Judge dismisses vehicular homicide charge in 2009 accident

There has been several vehicular related deaths these past 18 months. Most of them have been hit and run accidents. Im thinking its just not safe to drink and drive around here anymore!.
Was walking out of Dillions early this morning and a little old lady maybe 80+ had to have help into her car. The store clerk that helped her off the electric cart drove it back into the store. She started her car and started backing out almost hitting my son and I, The front windshield of her car was completely fogged over and had a nice layer of frost on it add the fact she could barely see over the stearing wheel and Im amazed that she didn't make headlines for another accident.

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Three Lawrence men indicted, following raid, for alleged involvement in meth trafficking

They did put it up very fast. They don't put just any ol method lab up that fast. This is a historical method lab ran by friendly family loving folks. I'll start the bidding at a quarter gram!

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