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Agencies seeking donations to help Lawrence family of 11 whose house burned

where did you take the gift cards? i have some restaurant cards that i will gladly donate

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Former AG Phill Kline files ethics response, quotes Bible

You are supposed to call them Anti-choice when they call you Pro-abortion

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Pat Ruel knows keys to winning

GPR would be a great fit

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No apology

But i do agree with you that the punishment in and of itself is not draconian

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No apology

I think the Draconian part is the trolling of the internet for anything negative about Sam and then attempting to control the free expression of opinion through sanctions.

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No apology

"it's about decorum, consideration, and respect for the office"
tell that to Joe Wilson and the TP

"Asking a misbehaving student to pen a letter of apology is not even remotely "Draconian.""
guess that depends on your definition of misbehaving, the simple fact of the matter is that is Brownback and his staff had not made it an issue it would not have been. She didn't yell at him or cause a disturbance in the capitol, she sent a joke to her friends, and if that is misbehaving then God help us all

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Things just not working out for Turner Gill at KU

"This had not happened since Mangino's early couple years with Allen's recruits."

I think this is kind of the point that some are making, i don't remember the calls for MM head 2 games (let alone LESS then 2 years) into his career like we have had with Gil.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: YMCA shows interest in Lawrence; Punch boxing coming to Sixth and Wakarusa; Smashburger closes Lawrence location; a Marine party

What was that sound?
oh it was the point completely missing Larry

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Town Talk: Even nice old ladies ready to fight about trash carts; downtown spot to discontinue Sunday brunch; Occupy Wall Street appears to be coming to Mass. Street

"Tea Partiers support the constitution, and have actually read and understood it."
If i am not allowed to paint the Tea Party as a group of uneducated racist hypocrites simply because a few of them are, You are not allowed to paint them as America loving constitutional scholars simply because a couple of them might be.
"Keep your government hands off my medicare" anyone?

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