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Poll shows low approval rate for Brownback

here's the link to the poll:
i found if quite easily. print and read and file as you see fit.

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Gun bill sponsor rebuffs legal concerns

the conservatives think (i know, a bit of an oxymoron) they have themselves a perfectly good bicameral steamroller. it may have limited mileage. they might as well see if they can flatten as many objects as they can while they have it.

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Brownback budget director apologizes for numbers error

clerk or not, it was the responsible officials who failed to "notice" and passed the information on as "fact" and those officials are who are the ones who are being taken to task here by all. now will you get off this clerk fixation?

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Legislator backs off bill aimed at keeping health departments from seeking accreditation

well, as long as you have a nice new steamroller, you might as well just go out and see how many things you can flatten.

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Democrats decry Brownback tax plan; Republican leader says it may get altered

and now the portion/proportion the poor pay with income tax is higher, while the higher income portion has shrunk. when this was pointed out to sam he countered that the social services net would be enhanced to help with that.
hmm. what do the low income earners need most to get out of the low income situation? certainly not less income and more social services. that's supposed to be the leftist trap isn't it?

pathetic man, that sam brownback. some of us could be motivated to leave the state out of embarrassment alone.

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Group seeks broader liquor sales

not a big issue on the scale of things. there will be winners and losers and maybe a wash for jobs on the whole...but...

if there is a major dislocation for liquor store owners in terms of employment and viability of their business, what job options do these dislocated people have in this economy? very limited ones. what is the upside for grocery stores? more profits in an already adequately profitable business. no grocery store is going to go out of business because they don't get to sell liquor.
if this is so important, for the sake of the liquor store industry which could be devastated, wait a few years for a better economy so there are better options available to them besides unemployment.

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Governor's task force on school efficiency criticized for not hearing teachers

why talk to teachers? everyone knows teachers are the problem, can't be trusted and are only in it for the paycheck.

bad bad teachers. soon there many not be any. problem solved!

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Do you think the Supreme Court should decide the gay marriage issue?

frankly, i don't think it "works" in any culture. people end up getting exploited, even if they like being exploited.
how about all the left over males in the polygamous mormon fundamentalist groups? since male/female birth rates are pretty much 50/50, and if some men have multiple wives, what are the rest of the males in the culture left with? do they just banish them? sorry guys you're out of luck.
plural marriage is just asking for trouble.

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Do you think the Supreme Court should decide the gay marriage issue?

so who gets to decide, one religion decides the issue for all ? or can different religions have a sacred ceremony that includes gays/lesbians? in that case, you can't contain marriage (which confers certain legal rights) to just one religion that YOU happen to agree with. if a gay/lesbian has a spiritual life, who are you do deny the marriage in that setting?

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New Senate President Wagle considers reopening legislative redistricting

greedy s.o.b.! (plural) hope it comes back to bite them next election cycle.

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