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Lawrence school board directs staff to start planning August 2019 introduction of later high school start times

I would rather they be concerned that my second grader gets picked up by the bus at 6:45 in the morning. If teenagers can't get to school before 8:30, why is my 7 year old having to get up at 6:15?

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Lawrence school board wants additional input before renaming South Middle School

My problem with this issue is that it isn't cheap to rename the school. There are real dollars involved in signage, paperwork, uniforms, and other materials. If we want to help minority students let's spend that money on services that will truly make an impact on their lives. After school programs, tutoring, educational sessions about Native Americans. I don't believe that renaming the school is going to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those students that really need the help. However, there are things we can spend the money on that have an immediate and direct impact on their education. If I really thought that renaming a school would have a significant impact on this group of students that needs the help, I would be all over it, but I think there are better uses of money to impact these children's lives and education. Before the Board makes a decision, find out how much it is going to cost and weigh that against other options.

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Kansas leaders concerned about new driver's license system

Because it doesn't work on an individual office basis. It manages the licenses for the entire state. You can't have some offices on one system and others on another system.

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We used Jayhawk to install guttering on our house when we built the house. Eight years later and some of the guttering had been damaged by a storm. We called them and they were out quickly with a reasonable bid to repair the damage. They still had the information from when we built the house and knew exactly what color we needed. We use them every year for gutter cleaning. They are prompt and professional. We get an email invoice within a week. A very good company that is easy to work with.

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Despite another string of absences, school board member says she is committed to serving

Kris Adair is a disgrace. She should be ashamed of herself. If you aren't able to fulfill your commitment to the school board, then you should resign. The board's job is to make decisions that impact the lives and futures of our most valuable resource, our children. I don't even think her kids go to Lawrence Public Schools, so I guess why would she care. She chooses to not do her duty to the school board and her husband tries to get the city to pay for his internet company at every turn. The sooner they move out of the area, the better we will all be.

The only good news is that she is in her final year of her term and I can see no possible way she would ever be given another term.

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins announces retirement from politics, says she won't seek any office in 2018

I would disagree, she was elected to do the best thing for the people of her district. In many cases that aligns with what is best for the nation, but she represents the needs of the people of the Kansas Second District. I agree that a strong nation is usually best for the citizens of her district, but at all times she should be thinking what is best for her district. I am not saying I agree with how she voted or her positions, just saying that she doesn't represent the nation, just the 2nd District of Kansas.

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins announces retirement from politics, says she won't seek any office in 2018

Except that isn't how it works. There would be a special election. The Governor doesn't appoint the replacement.

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Group takes over Lawrence City Commission meeting, refuses to leave until demands are met

Wait, what??? How are you relating the BLM movement in any way to the right wing? Did you actually watch any of the video - or look at the photo - before making your comment about there being no blacks in the group? Just asking because your statement is ludicrous.

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Another fast-food chicken restaurant sets its sights on Lawrence; basketball court promise broken at Rock Chalk Park

I don't play basketball and I agree there are other options to play in Lawrence. However, that is not the point. This city has a hard time being trustworthy. The city government made a deal with the citizens and then broke it in no time. Any staff who knowingly bypassed the commission knowing the deal city leaders made overstepped their authority and they should be questioned for their actions at a minimum. Even though this is a small issue by itself, it continues to show that the city can't be trusted.

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KDOT announces right-in, right-out at K-10/Kasold intersection

LJW had it listed as North 1000 Rd in the article originally - they have since corrected it. That is why I pointed it out .

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