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City seeks more than $500,000 from Oread group after audit finds possible violations of state sales tax law

Did the audit look at Kangaroo LC that is housed at the Oread and owned by Oread Wholesale? It was founded the same day as Oread Wholesale. What else might Mr. Fritzel be running through the special tax district?

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Signs point to Amyx as next mayor; questions about whether commissioners need city credit cards; neighbors expressing safety concern near New York Elementary

Issuing corporate cards is fairly standard practice for many companies, multi-billion or small. Not everyone can afford the expenses that come with business travel on their own dime and then get reimbursed. That said, a lot of what was spent would be an absolute no-no for most companies. Valet parking and not filling up with gas prior to returning a rental car are frequently listed explicitly in travel rules for companies as not acceptable.

My issue isn't that the Commissioners may have a credit card, it is that it took so long and such a disruptive issue for the improper charges to be identified and handled by city staff. Expense reports should be submitted and reviewed within 30 days and all expenses incurred by any City employee or Commissioner should be made publicly available.

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Lawrence mayor's status unknown as City Commission OKs $207 million budget

It is payroll taxes that weren't paid, not income taxes. Churches have to pay payroll taxes too (except for certain ministerial positions in some cases).

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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

Kansas is not second in highest taxes to California, that is ridiculous. For that matter California isn't first, that is in nearly every calculation New York. You might want to do some heavier research. The problem with Kansas is that the Governor and Legislature cut taxes too much not raised them.

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Letter: Police investment

Mr. Herington is a multimillionaire who makes his money from government work. Of course he is in favor of more taxes, he makes his money off the government. Besides a sales tax increase isn't going to hurt him and his tens of millions of dollars while he lives in his mansion.

If he was so concerned about the facility maybe he can donate the money to pay for it. Maybe if he hadn't been fined $200,000 by the SEC for violating securities laws he could have used that money to pay for the new police station.

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KU Student Body president: Fieldhouse seat change-up 'unfortunate'

What did the student government think was going to happen when they picked a fight with KUAC? Did they really think KUAC was just going to say no big deal that you cut funding to us? Some version of this was 100% predictable.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

Whew, thank goodness, we can stop worrying about the actuarial data, MerriAnnie has us covered. Her broad sample of people consisting of the people she knows has now clarified that enrollment consists only of healthy people. The matter is settled MerriAnnie has spoken to people.

First, when this was first passed it was determined that 40% of the enrollment needed to be young people to make it sustainable. Now we have less than 30% in the pool. Second, it doesn't take any specific expertise to know that those people who are more ill are more likely to sign up for coverage. If you want to see an example of the problem, read the article above. Lady needs expensive care....buys the best insurance plan.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

Hey John, you are making my point while trying to disagree with me. I am saying that if the rates rise they have more money in which to extract their 20%. Lets say they have premiums of $10, they can spend $2 on non-healthcare expenses. Now lets say that rates skyrocket and premiums are $20, they can now spend $4 on non-healthcare expenses.

The more expensive the insurance is, the more money the insurance companies get to line their pockets. If they reduce the cost of insurance, they can't keep as many dollars as if they work to increase the cost. 20% of a larger number is.... a larger number.

The nice link you provided was EXACTLY what i was talking about.

If you told Walmart they can keep 20% of every can of soda they sold and then said everyone had to buy a can of soda would Walmart want to sell the soda for $1.00 or $50.00? The 80% restriction is a DISINCENTIVE for keeping rates down.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

James, that is not right. First the 87% number was estimated by HHS of those who took subsidies, not of all people. Secondly, they said the numbers may not be that reliable:

Officials said that 87 percent of people who applied for subsidies via the federal exchange HealthCare.gov — which sells policies in 36 states — reported lacking insurance at that time, in response to a question that was asked on that Web site. But officials told reporters that because of independent surveys which have shown that a majority of Obamacare enrollees had previously been insured, along with other factors, made the 87 percent uninsured statistic unreliable.

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Number of Kansans who signed up for insurance through marketplace exceeds government's expectations

I have no idea what you mean when you say that her ability to raise everyone's rates is limited by a narrow enrollment period? As for adding everyone into the risk pool, the ACA has utterly failed to add everyone to the risk pool. It has successfully added the sick to the risk pool and some people who are healthy, but it absolutely positively has not added everyone into the risk pool.

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