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Ruling: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funds

Chris, it is very common for federal funds to be allocated to the States for distribution via their criteria under the guidelines of the federal program. Medicaid is a perfect example.

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Lawrence firm has connection to company on ABC's "Shark Tank" tonight; a guide to Haskell Avenue's pending closure

There is a second Lawrence connection to Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban. A former Lawrence company, Validic Inc, that has since relocated to North Carolina recently received a substantial investment from Mark Cuban.

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Wicked's fast-broadband project moving slower than expected

Still waiting for Wicked to actually propose something that doesn't involve asking everyone other than Wicked to take a financial risk. We want to do X but to do that, the City must fund it for us. Oh we are going to do Y but to do that the City must give us free access to water towers. A company that won't fund anything themselves is not a company, they are a leech.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

But that assumes this will actually save a police officer's life. How many officers have been killed in Lawrence because they didn't have a vehicle like this? If it is worth the money, then lets make sure we buy one of these for every single officer in Lawrence. Rather than have this, lets have officers drive around in M1A2s, certainly if it saves one life it is worth the money.

Less than half of law enforcement deaths in 2012 were due to shootings and zero were due to terrorism. A sworn law enforcement officer had a 1/100th of a percent chance of dying in the line of duty in 2012.

Deaths caused during traffic stops are the most common reason for a law enforcement officer dying. How will this help that?

I am all for efficiently and effectively improving the safety of our law enforcement officers. This is not effective nor is it efficient in improving officer safety. This is just a militarization of police that does not need to occur.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

That logic just doesn't work. We could save lots of lives if we added tens of thousands of dollars to every car manufactured. We could save lives making people drive at 5 mph. This logic only works if money is unlimited which it is not.

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Group wants to place 10,000-pound piece of World Trade Center at Lawrence Visitors Center

It is history and a major event in American history. The group doesn't appear to be asking for anything other than the right to display the memorial. 9/11 may not have happened in Lawrence, but is had a strong connection to all Americans. What is the harm in displaying a piece of history as a memorial to those American's who died?

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Coach calls national tournament success for Lawrence

Congrats Jeff

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Mock funeral crowd mourns ‘death’ of Kansas

Good luck with that. Getting 40% of the number of people voted to sign a recall petition in 90 days...that will happen.

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Wicked Broadband project seeks $500,000 city grant; downtown hotel project seeks adjustment to incentives package; historical society seeks $20k for new exhibit

Why is it every time Wicked/Freenet/Whatever They Are Called Today is in the news, they are asking the city to give them something? Free access to water towers, discounted access to right aways, $500,000.

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