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Lawrence City Commission faced with dilemma: raise taxes or cut city staff

Making a decision on who should be cut based on whether they are an hourly employee or a salaried employee is ridiculous for a myriad of reasons. I don't disagree that there are certainly other areas that should be considered prior to cutting employees, but who to cut based on their pay structure would be horribly irresponsible.

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School board president suggests that board member Kris Adair resign rather than take 'less active role' in elected position

Her children do go to private school as she didn't feel Lawrence Public Schools were good enough and she wanted to be on the Board to help improve the schools so she could send her kids to the district. So the best chance she has to make a difference, by selecting a superintendent, and she doesn't even show up.

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School board president suggests that board member Kris Adair resign rather than take 'less active role' in elected position

Ms. Adair has essentially said that her business commitment is more important than the commitment she made when she ran for School Board. The citizens of USD 497, however, elected a full time Board member. If she wants to prioritize her business before her responsibilities to the Board then resign. Selecting a superintendent is one of the most important things a Board member does and she couldn't find the time to do that. Anything short of resigning is selfish.

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KU vote funds separate, multicultural student government; organizers call move unprecedented among U.S. universities

The student senate already elects senators that represent:
-Asian American Student Union
-Black Student Union
-First Nations Student Association
-Hispanic American Leadership Organization
-Multicultural Affairs Associate
-Multicultural Greek Council
-National Pan-Hellenic Council

So at least 7 senate seats are "reserved" to represent the views and needs of the multicultural population.

Yet that isn't enough. An entire student government is required? Integration rather than separation is the only way to bring about awareness and acceptance of the needs of each other. The university will be stronger by working together rather creating separate governance for different populations.

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Developer-commissioned analysis: Oread Inn owes fraction of what city says

This would be a civil matter so there is no beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proof would be a preponderance of the evidence. The plaintiff doesn't have a more rigid burden of proof than the defendant in a civil matter.

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City seeks more than $500,000 from Oread group after audit finds possible violations of state sales tax law

Did the audit look at Kangaroo LC that is housed at the Oread and owned by Oread Wholesale? It was founded the same day as Oread Wholesale. What else might Mr. Fritzel be running through the special tax district?

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Signs point to Amyx as next mayor; questions about whether commissioners need city credit cards; neighbors expressing safety concern near New York Elementary

Issuing corporate cards is fairly standard practice for many companies, multi-billion or small. Not everyone can afford the expenses that come with business travel on their own dime and then get reimbursed. That said, a lot of what was spent would be an absolute no-no for most companies. Valet parking and not filling up with gas prior to returning a rental car are frequently listed explicitly in travel rules for companies as not acceptable.

My issue isn't that the Commissioners may have a credit card, it is that it took so long and such a disruptive issue for the improper charges to be identified and handled by city staff. Expense reports should be submitted and reviewed within 30 days and all expenses incurred by any City employee or Commissioner should be made publicly available.

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Lawrence mayor's status unknown as City Commission OKs $207 million budget

It is payroll taxes that weren't paid, not income taxes. Churches have to pay payroll taxes too (except for certain ministerial positions in some cases).

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Kansas governor signs bill overhauling civil service system

Kansas is not second in highest taxes to California, that is ridiculous. For that matter California isn't first, that is in nearly every calculation New York. You might want to do some heavier research. The problem with Kansas is that the Governor and Legislature cut taxes too much not raised them.

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Letter: Police investment

Mr. Herington is a multimillionaire who makes his money from government work. Of course he is in favor of more taxes, he makes his money off the government. Besides a sales tax increase isn't going to hurt him and his tens of millions of dollars while he lives in his mansion.

If he was so concerned about the facility maybe he can donate the money to pay for it. Maybe if he hadn't been fined $200,000 by the SEC for violating securities laws he could have used that money to pay for the new police station.

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