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Gov. Brownback says he'll attend President Obama's event in Lawrence if he's invited

Of course Brownback should look to attend (and be invited) to a Presidential visit in his state! The idea that folks from different parties would not come together for whatever is planned is exactly the problem with politics of today. We think one side is right and the other is wrong and we will always disagree on everything so let's not even try to get together to discuss issues. You see it on these message boards all the time, but I think that everyone should feel our elected leaders should act better. I am far from a fan of Brownback, but his interest to be part of this is encouraging and I am happy he said it.

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Merck Animal Health pulls building permit to create laboratory in Lawrence

Hey Chad, I saw something about the Basil Leaf leaving their gas station location and moving into the old Joe's Bakery location. Just a heads up!

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Kansas sets another record for concealed-carry permits

The guy in the story may not have ever done anything wrong until the day it happened. That said, I acknowledge that this is a very rare occurrence and nothing to get worked up over (well, unless you are the guy's wife!), but statistics prove that accidents do happen to good people so with more people carrying, there will be more accidents. Maybe not enough to say that we should stop this practice, but everyone should at least acknowledge this reality.

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City sets bid date of May 14 for recreation center; project could be completed by spring of 2014

Chad, who is the appropriate contact to make a suggestion for this project? Specifically, I wonder if there has been any thought to incorporating a 3.1 mile (5K) running path throughout the property. I think this would be a great asset to the property as some of the many 5Ks that happen within Lawrence could be moved out there.
Thanks for your insights!

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Farmers' Market struggling to find downtown home for Tuesday market

I agree with others that just because the same location would make marketing easier is not a good enough reason alone to allow this. I have used that lot many times during the week because it is the only parking I could find at the time. So to loose it for a whole afternoon seems to be a poor idea for the rest of the downtown community.
I also am not sure I agree that the public would be too dumb to figure out that the Tuesday market is in one spot and the Saturday market is in another. This isn't rocket science. If you want to go to the market, you will take the extra 5 seconds to decide which location for that day.

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Heavy snowfall set to begin later tonight; forecasts call for 10 inches by noon Tuesday

So if the above forecast holds true, we probably won't know about KU and School cancellations until tomorrow morning. I hate the uncertainty of it all!!

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

But at what point to the districts have a responsibility for their employees? It is easy for someone to keep their children home, but what about the teachers that needs to travel to and (in this case the potential more dangerous) from School. People can't think so individualistically about these things. You have to consider all of the parts that have to work in order to make a place like a School work properly.

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Winter storm forces cancellation of classes, events

I don't really understand what waiting until 6am will do when the majority of the snow is going to fall between 6am and 4pm tomorrow. At 6am, things may be alright, but by 11am, they could be unsafe, but all the students will already be at school. What will people do then? I know you don't want to call things too early in fear that the forecast will change, but I think you should be pretty certain of the forecast by about 10pm tonight to make the call. Afterall, if the idea behind closing schools and KU is to keep the students safe, don't you have to assume some validity for the forecast in this situation?

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Curbside recycling deal in the works

Thanks for making sure the proposal included glass!!

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