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Heavy fire from Lawrence structure, two injuries reported

This sounds like it was a pretty substantial fire. Is it strange that the LJW hasn't gotten any pictures posted yet? It seems like they usually get things out very fast.

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New report: Kansas highway system No. 2 in nation

I actually think it is garbage that they disabled the comments on the story they ran about initiating this new aspect of their website. Sort of cowardly if you as me...

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Homeless shelter, nearing capacity, gets more bus passes; city rejects tennis court lights

I actually think those are great questions to be asked and numbers that the shelter should be tracking, if they are not. The city is providing them with a lot of resources so the shelter has a responsibility to be transparent on who is being served.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

So I guess this makes it official, no raises for anyone at KU for two years, right?

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From animals to art, library to law enforcement, city has long list of funding requests for 2014

Can any non-profit in town request funds? Or is there some connection to the city that has be to met first?

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House set to vote on plan to lower income tax rates but increase overall taxes, cap budget growth

I love that education standards are viewed and treated as political issues. Just dumb...

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Editorial: Kansas candor

Kudos to Bob Dole for speaking out. I think many folks agree, no matter which side you are one, that everyone has moved too far to the edges and decided they must either "win" or do nothing. Compromise is key and no one gets everything they want.

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Long-term plan suggests toll lanes on K-10 corridor

Why not just make K10 a toll road instead of creating a system where only single occupant drivers pay. How is it even enforced. If I have a kid in a car seat do I get to skip paying? How do people even know since those seats can be rear facing or mini vans with tinted windows?

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House Republican leaders propose 1.5 percent cut to higher education for each of next two fiscal years

So the staff at KU won't see a raise for 2 years... Great... Given that more companies are hiring again, I am guessing some folks will start looking to go elsewhere.

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Brownback signs into law bill establishing adult stem cell research and treatment at KU Medical Center

Did anyone ask the governor or Senator Mary Pilcher Cook what happens if the legislature refuses to give them the $1.1 million needed to start up this center?

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