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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Can anyone tell me how to delete my account? I would rather just shut it down than keep it out there. I looked in the settings, but nothing seemed obvious.

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Editorial: Just say no

I don't believe the author fully understand why someone at MU would be pushing for this game again. They don't have some soft spot for taking care of the businesses in their home state. They want the exposure in KC so that they can continue to make the case to any good football recruits that they have a strong presence in KC. It is no different why we would agree to play Rice at Rice. We want to be seen playing in Texas and have all of the recruits down there get to see us playing there.

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Color Run bursts through downtown Lawrence

I came up with about $1 per runner going to the charity. So that is about $3,000 for VanGo.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Save a wave for the sign holders

These folks have to be making at least minimum wage, right? There is no way the businesses could be taking advantage of them and paying them less, right? Just hope they aren't getting taken advantage of.

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Former Lawrence resident arrested as suspect in Thursday U.S. Bank robbery

Does anyone know what kind of evidence they would usually need to hold someone as a suspect for something like this and how long they could hold the person. I only ask because it seems weird to have a video of the person committing the crime (even with a hat on) and not feel like that is enough to hold him while investigating for more evidence. Specially since they suspected he would be a flight risk.

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City commissioners asked to approve credit card and gate system for new downtown parking garage

So you can be in there all day and pay nothing as long as you make sure you don't leave until after 6pm?

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New steak and seafood restaurant slated to open at Sixth and Wakarusa

I think the bar there has become pretty popular so maybe he thinks he can capitalize on that and have people stay for dinner too. Also the economy is picking up a bit and new growth is happening out there so the environment is probably a little different than when it was Hereford House was there. Still far from a lock for success, but glad to see people trying!

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New car-sharing program available downtown

They have had this program on campus for students all year and I have heard of nothing but great things about it.

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New service allows people to feed KU parking meters from their smartphones, no coins needed

Matt, have you heard anything about the surface lot across from the Engineering school and how long it will be unavailable? I originally heard August 30th, which was not terrible because that barely overlapped the start of the school year. But recently I heard a rumor that the timeline has been extended until September 30th, which would really cause issues. Typically during the mid-morning hours that lot is completely full, so to spend over a month of the school year without those spaces could be nightmarish.

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New service allows people to feed KU parking meters from their smartphones, no coins needed

This is cool but I actually am not a big fan. Right now I feel like most meters are 40 minutes long, which prevents students from parking there while they go to class because classes are longer than that and they don't want to get a ticket.
However now students will surely park there knowing they can extend the time via their cell phone to cover the class they are currently sitting in. This will eliminate any parking that is close to buildings that guests currently use when they want to quickly drop something off.

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