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Dakotah - The Trail Ends

MD, you are sooooo funny.

Thanks for checking in and your usual hilarious input.


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Dakotah - The Trail Ends

Thank you both, Alia and Hedge.

It is so funny how small the world can be sometimes.

Like Alia, I too, savor the truth of Mr. Frost's poem. We all come to a place where the road diverged; yet not all have the courage to the one less traveled by. But when we do, it will make a difference.

Thank you for sharing your hearts and for taking the time to read the stories I have come to love.


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Dakotah - Easter on the Trail

Hey, Alia;

Thanks for the kudos!

We saw some beautiful parts of our USA this past week. I hope we get to see more as we continue to follow Dakotah's path.

Update....The VA will not re-issue his script without another exam, so we are hoping that the internet source will suffice for the time being.

Be well, and blessings to you.


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Community Response Requested - Which Forcade Photograph Should Be Donated?

I loved attraction the moment I saw it; even before I knew the piece was called "Attraction".

Thanks for sharing, Miss Ronda, and Mr. Steve.

Mr. Chuck

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Dakotah Drives - The Sun Sets

Hi, Miss Ronda;

Yeah, buy my book, dang it!

Andy and Pat are native to the U.K. Dakotah met pat when they were both young adults whilst Dakotah was stationed in Germany.

Andy was a "love child" of sorts, who is now 45 years old; married with two children.

Thanks for asking and I so look forward to telling this story.


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Dakotah Drives - The Sun Sets

Hi, Alia;

Jennie says thanks for the encouragement! She really appreciates the fact that someone, other than her hubby, thinks she's got a great gift.

I am pretty sure I will not be able to get him a script, but maybe the VA will mail a fresh one to his address of record? I don't know, but will soon.

Peace to you,

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Dakotah Drives - The Sun Sets

Hi, Miss Ronda;

My days of being able to drive and see him are rapidly coming to an end.

I have been traveling almost 700 miles round-trip the last few times and it is becoming hard to take the time away from the TV Production business and the book I am currently writing.

Jennie and I will try to catch up again week after next as Dakotah travels up and out of California on Hwy 36.

He and I will stay in touch via cell phone as long as he is in a service area, but that will be hit and miss as he travels the mountain ranges.

The 'other' story about Dakotah is developing, as his son, Andy and Andy's mum, Pat, are coming to the U.S. this summer. I hope to interview both of them while they are here so I can start on my next book; this time, about Dakotah, Pat, and Andy.

Stay tuned; it ain't over.


Mr. Chuck

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Dakotah Drives - The Sun Sets

Hi, MD;
I wrote an article for the Rural Heritage magazine this month that gives an update.

I'll send you a copy!

Thanks for asking.

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The Rest of the Story.....

How is it that human life has so little value?

Hard story to read, Alia, but thanks for sharing it none the less.

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Devil's Work Dictionary Winners & Next Term

Teamwork (n) The cooperative effort from a group of individuals who, individually, can not perform to the higher standard of expected outcome; but, by assignment, can ride the coat-tails of more talented individuals.

(is my disdain for "Teamwork" showing a bit?)

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