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Seeing Mt. Kilimanjaro puts journey in perspective


Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. I just posted a couple more photos in a gallery above. I hope those lend a little more color to the story.

Thanks for the Hemingway suggestion, too. I've heard it's great but haven't read it yet. I'll be sure to check it out.


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Was Friday's W against Olathe North the best in Free State history?

When coaches talk about not wanting to peak in September or October, this is exactly what they're talking about. To beat SM Northwest - even a SMNW without Atagi - is an impressive feat. To then beat Olathe North and hold that offense to just 6 points is very revealing of just how good the Firebirds are playing.

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Activist blasts KU women's studies program

Here is what bothers me about these issues. You have somebody like Mary Pilcher-Cook who is willing to criticize the university and jump on Horowitz's bandwagon without actually sitting down in a college classroom to observe what is being taught before spouting off her critical opinion about it. That is very disingenuous. It's the same thing as when people went after Dennis Dailey's class without ever actually attending a class session.
People listen to what the state representatives have to say and they have a lot of power to do good things or bad things for the state. When somebody such as Pilcher-Cook rattles off an opinion such as this without ever actually taking the necessary steps to educate herself, then she is being extremely dishonest to the citizens of Kansas and to her fellow state representatives.

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Kansas University, Kutztown close to agreement on 'KU' ownership

I realize it has little bearing. My comment was based more on the fact that this wouldn't even be an issue if KU hadn't decided to change the font of the KU lettering in the first place. Only by wasting $88,900 for this project did Kansas even learn that Kutztown University used the same letters. If not for the initial waste of money to come up with a logo that very few people seem to like, we wouldn't even be having this conversation today.
I agree with you that I don't think any bullying is going on here. It's simply a business issue. I do think the whole experience of KU trying to change its logo in the first place has turned into one big embarassment though.

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Kansas University, Kutztown close to agreement on 'KU' ownership

How about Kutztown University just keep their logo and Kansas can go back to the block letter KU that looked 100 times better anyway. They shouldn't have to change simply because the group that was paid almost $90,000 to come up with a logo didn't have the common sense to see if there were any other schools with the initials "KU" out there that might have a similar logo. In fact, for such lazy investigation, they should be required to reimburse Kansas for shoddy work.

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Taff pleads guilty on two counts

"This is obviously a sad and emotional day for Adam," said Taff's attorney, Jim Eisenbrandt. "He's accepted full responsibility for his conduct, and he's more than willing to accept the consequences."

Alright, let me clear this up for Jim Eisenbrandt. Adam Taff only "accepted full responsibility for his conduct" after he realized he couldn't get off the hook. Remember, the guy pleaded "not guilty" before, but then changed his plea after his partner in crime pleaded guilty and fessed up to the crime. Taff tried to lie about it until he realized he was going to get caught. If Adam Taff honestly wanted to accept full responsibility for his conduct and accept the consequences, then he would have pleaded guilty in the first place.

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Religion professor's e-mail outrages critics

"We have to set a standard that it's not culturally acceptable to mock Christianity in America," she said.

But she has no problem with people making fun of Arabs, Jewish people, and other religions? That's telling...

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KU official responds to course critics

"This is purely hate-mongering, just for the purpose of hate-mongering. It's not a religion class. It's a class of religious intolerance."

Altevogt should try attending a class before calling it hate-mongering. I took Dr. Mirecki's Understanding the Bible class at KU a few years ago and found it to be thoroughly interesting. He understands that as part of the separation of church and state law, he can't teach it as a religious text, so he addresses it as a purely historical document. I was a bit skeptical about the class when I signed up for it, but it was very interesting and Dr. Mirecki did a honest, respectful analysis of everything in there.
Conservative columnist and activist John Altevogt likely never has taken a class by Dr. Mirecki or observed one of his class sessions. He should do so and see for himself so he can form an educated opinion before smearing a great professor as a "hate-monger."

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Possible temporary lifting of smoking ban delayed

red, were you comparing your june-to-july sales to how you did in that span last year, or just comparing month-to-month? Because students are leaving town by mid-june so your number of patrons naturally is going to fall. Some of those who have tried to use sales figures (when I say 'some', I'm not necessarily accusing you of this) to mislead people on the financial cost of the ban.
Personally, most of the bars I've been to since the ban have been just as busy as before the ban, but that's just my perspective.

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KU athletics changes its face

$90,000 would have been better spent on scholarships for students.

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