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Kansas tax collections $30M short of expectations in August

We e-filed on March 30,

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Kansas tax collections $30M short of expectations in August

Ha. I called state today because I had not received my refund. I was told it had been processed and I would receive it in 5 to 10 days, and that I would receive $14 in interest. What does that tell you?

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Column: SDSU likely lone win for KU football

Worst KU football hires of all-time:
1. Bob Valesente by AD Monte Johnson.
2. Charlie Weis by Sheahon Zenger.
3. Turner Gill by Lew Perkins.
4. Chuck Mather by Dutch Lonborg.
5. Bud Moore by Clyde Walker.

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‘He was visionary’: Hall of Famer Bob Timmons dies at 91

As I recall, Timmons had been hired by Oregon, but switched to KU after AD Wade Stinson fired track coach Bill Easton. Regardless, Gary! Your story hits the Bulls-eye. Nicely done.

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KU target Giles to play at Oak Hill

Giles. Giles. Giles. Anybody remember Cester Giles?

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Four Lawrence pitchers competing at National Horseshoe Championship

Go get 'em, Wynne. You're a living legend.

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'Alarming' trend: Number of college basketball transfers on the rise

This fine piece of interesting comments from Self, etc. is good to have.

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Column: Beaty's approach — If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em

Matt, you're the only sportswriter I've read who uses the word "guys". It's a crutch word. You can do better. So keep the blogs, stories coming. Just stop using "guys".

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LHS boys claim three-OT thriller, 79-75

Really enjoyed watching this battle of terrific unbeaten teams live on TWCSC. Key play was when Horne commited his fifth foul in, of all places, the backcourt. I must say Barstow coach Billy Thomas looks good in starched white shirt and green-striped tie. Impressive win for Lions.

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Perine's record-breaking day reminiscent of Sands

Sands still holds one NCAA record unlikely to be broken. He carried the ball 58 times that day against Missouri.

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