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Lawrence man sues Kansas highway patrolman over Tasing incident

So what if the assumed perp is drunk and in minimal possession of his normal faculties (however limited or exceptional those may normally be). A cop ought to have some class even when (especially when) dealing with an incapacitated perp. Preliminary data as reported suggests this cop is a malicious, vindictive, bully sample of the genre--one that contributes to the negative view held by many people of those who are supposed to be our "protectors." Sounds like he forgot his mission and let his badge and ego get the better of him. Shame on him and stick it to him if that's true. Sorry for the doubts if it's not. We need cops who understand their proper role as peacemakers in our society, not bullies with a badge.

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Name recognition: Jayhawks get big name — Charlie Weis

I just don't get these football coaches. Gill played great, looks like a stud, acts like a man, and loses. Mangino looks like a walking heart attack, acts like a bully, and wins (but gets fired for bullying?). Now we get Weis, who also looks like a walking heart attack. What's he gonna do to/for our football team? I haven't followed Weiss and don't know much about him, but I hope Zenger has picked a man (not a bully) who can win for KU. If he turns out to be a winning bully, I'd rather lose. But seriously, do winning coaches have to look so sloppy?

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