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Letter to the editor: Enough cages

Another statistic: 100% of the residents of the Douglas County Jail are there for a reason.

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Kansas concealed-carry permits now recognized in 39 other states

*"People in Kansas may, however, go through training and obtain a permit voluntarily, and officials have said many do so specifically so they can carry their concealed weapons when traveling in other states."*

Of the 13 states that have constitutional carry, 3 restrict that to state residents only. The rest of the States that have reciprocity with Kansas require a valid permit (and I believe Kansas is the same for residents of those states.)

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Jail referendum fact check: A look at what both sides aren't saying about the heated campaign

Can't we just say this? *100% of the people in the Douglas County Jail are there for a reason.*

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Letter to the editor: Support our officials

*" The focus needs to be less inmates in the future not more."*

That's cute. . .I'd be willing to bet, however, that in 20 years, there will be more crime and more inmates. Where will you be then?

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Police investigating armed robbery reported at Motel 6 in North Lawrence

Would it be crass to ask what "the item" was?

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KU students turn up at chancellor's residence to protest 'wasteful' ownership of private jet

Probably just hanging out waiting for The Wheel to open.

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No decision has been made on later high school start times, Lawrence school board leader assures parents

Maybe the school board shouldn't bother with a "community" discussion. Put this decision in the hands of educators, parents and students.

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As Lawrence students gear up for gun-control protests, adults pledge support in 'Wrap the Walkout' campaign

It is these kinds of "facts" that just cause all kinds of problems:

Switzerland *does not* give every citizen a gun. Swiss males are expected to serve in the militia from age 18-30 (34 if they are an officer.) As a member of the militia, they are issued a weapon, and upon the conclusion of their service period, they can choose to keep the weapon or turn it in. *However,* to do so, they must submit paperwork for a weapons permit, the same as if they were to purchase one. Women do not have compulsory service, but those who choose to serve have the same choice at the conclusion of their service.

Switzerland actually has a very strict weapons permit policy, excluding non-residents from several countries from being able to have a weapons permit.

While recreational shooting remains incredibly popular in Switzerland, and shooting clubs require members to be trained in the "care and feeding" of their firearm, there is no government program, outside of military training, on use of a firearm.

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As Lawrence students gear up for gun-control protests, adults pledge support in 'Wrap the Walkout' campaign

My eldest was one of the FSHS students who walked out on 2/21. . .we talked about it, as I wanted to get his opinion and gauge where he stands on the issue. (Teenagers in my house rarely give me opinions on anything other than sports and video games.) What surprised me the most was that he *almost* felt like he had to do it. . .his teacher told the class that he would be walking out and locking the classroom door. So the students would either have to go outside with him, or they had to go to another room and wait. (As if kids don't have enough peer pressure to deal with.)

In the end, I think that he ended up doing it because he felt solidarity with other students doing it for a cause that everyone can get behind (school safety.) Bonus, it allowed the two of us to have an honest conversation about guns, gun ownership and safety, and the rights afforded to us by the Constitution.

A win-win situation as far as I can tell.

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