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Longtime Lawrence resident files for City Commission election, wants to see millennials active in politics

I kind of questioned the use of that term as well. . .I've lived in Lawrence since 1989 but still don't really consider myself a "longtime" member of the community.

My point, however, is that I don't really think the term is necessary. I applaud him for being willing to step up and serve our community, and applaud anyone who has been here 1, 10, or 100 years for doing so.

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Letter to the editor: No defense increase

Thank you! Exactly.

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Letter to the editor: No defense increase

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us." -- Edmund Burke

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

Fred probably lays awake at night thinking about the Electoral College, while devising ways to trim that inconvenient, annoying fat off of the Constitution that has him so bothered.

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Letter to the editor: Let’s be honest

*Zzzzzzzzz.* Fred, please, wake me up when you get elected and are able to change the Constitution.

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Opinion: GOP’s hypocrisy is staggering

*Sigh.* Fred, you were doing so well not mentioning Hitler. . .

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Editorial: Salary shouldn’t be a secret

*Crazy is as crazy does.*

You could be giving foxes a bad name. . .but inquiring minds want to know, what is your beef with the current Super and his family? You sure do like talking about them.

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Regents nix backpack clause from KU’s concealed carry policy, saying requirement is too restrictive for gun carriers

“This is not a pretext to prevent gun carry; we rather want to ensure safety of our community.”

Actually, I believe the argument could be made that in *ensuring the safety of our community,* they have attempted to make it so absolutely difficult to reasonably carry one, that most would choose not to do so at all.

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New owners to close longtime cable news channel this summer; one of city's largest employers gets new boss

I don't know. . .NDSU football is a lot more entertaining to watch then KU football.

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