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Foot of snow stops Lawrence cold; schools, KU, others cancel Friday classes and activities

Yeah, I'm stuck at home today because my street has not been plowed yet and we don't have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I've already watched a couple neighbors get stuck trying to leave this morning. So now we have cars littering the road when they do come to clear the street.

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Have you taken a vacation this summer?

I don't have any vacation time because we were bought out by another company and they did everything they could to screw people over during the transition. Maybe I'll get to take a vacation next year...

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City says it underbilled two Lawrence golf courses by $325,000, seeks settlement

I'm sure the golf courses can afford it but since it's the city's mistake, they should just have to eat those losses. I wouldn't want them to make similar mistakes on my bill and then make me suffer for it later.

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Kansas prepping for another evolution debate

If they want their children learning about creationism they need to take them to church. There is a reason why church and state are separate. Or maybe they can pay for a private/catholic school, where their children will learn what they want them to. Otherwise, I think the public schools need to teach facts and not religion, unless it's in a religion studies class. Kansas has become a huge joke because of this issue and it shouldn't even be an issue. Religion is taught in church and should not be taught in public schools unless it's offered as an elective.

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Has your city of Lawrence tap water had a strange taste or odor the past few days?

And how many pets will it kill this time?

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Do you mention to your neighbor when his or her lawn grows too long?

If my neighbor complained about my lawn, I would tell them if it bothers them, they're welcome to mow it for me.

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How much debt did you have when you left college?

I don't think Obama actually said that, so you should remove the quotation marks...

FAUX NEWS--Where you can get the latest twisted news! Twisted the way Republicans want it!

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What company do you use as your cable and/or Internet service provider?

I have Knology, I love watching pixelated channels and paying way too much for terrible service.

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The Kaw Valley Older Women's League is circulating a petition to add physician assisted death as an option in Kansas. Do you support physician assisted death?

Isn't it the patient's body? I think it should be the patient's choice as long as they are of sound mind. If one has never been terminally ill, one will never understand what it's like to be told there is no hope. I would not want someone to tell me that I have no right to choose to die if I'm very sick and in pain with no hope of getting better. It should be my decision whether I want to continue to live and fight my illness and suffer through a few more weeks or months or end it sooner.

People say they want less government yet they want the government to rule over our bodies by making the sick continue to live when they don't want to and wanting to pass laws that would cause women to have children even if said pregnancy would kill her.

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