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Is your Internet service fast enough?

Well, AT&T started limiting, or adding dollars for breaking their arbitrary limits, the first 7 years no caps and now slower loading pages, seems the newer the pc the slower, probably just a bad home IT person

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KUMC bus route could fall victim to budget

What does the bus route in this story have to do with Lawrence and the K-10 connector?

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State extends period to renew vehicle tags

I agree, they suggest the online alternative without mentioning the higher fee. If this contract had a performance incentive built-in, how bad must the service be before the company doesn't receive the incentive?

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Sound Off: We are on the no-call list, and we get calls from “card member services.” How can we get

I've hit the 9 to be removed, hasn't worked yet, I've spoken to the rude man several times, actually yelled at him a couple of times, he blithely informs me they can and will continue to call and hangs up, I've filled out the FCC complaint form at least six times. And they will talk to my answering machine, usually the first part of the spiel is missed. Overall, my use of the do not call list has resulted in markedly reducing annoying calls, except for these folks.
As for the political party calls, when I get a live person, I tell them I want to be on their do not call list, they tell me they don't have to abide by that rule, when I tell them this will cause all my future votes to be cast for the other party, their attitude changes and I am assured my number will be removed from their lists for future information/get out the vote calls.

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Knology upgrade disrupts customer email, maintenance affects internet service

I received the flyer announcing the price changes. Huh? The rates are carefully broken down into no category I recognize. Looks like I'll have to call the South Dakota help desk to have them explain my new monthly cable rate, and with my billing cycle change from the 1st to the 20th how the old and new month's rates will be prorated. I may talk seriously to one of the ATT rovers trying to sell me U-verse.

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Town Talk: City report details dollar totals for tax abatements, incentives for The Oread, other projects; city staff recommends approval of 9th and N.H. building at tonight's HRC meeting

Read the article for god's sake, the only business receiving a tif was The Oread. How many jobs did they create? Did they have to project the number of jobs they would create with the tif? The other businesses received tax abatements based on the projected number of jobs created after remodeling/building a new workplace.

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Town Talk: New owner takes over Z's Divine Espresso; city pondering $2.5 million project to improve road for possible rec center; black-footed ferrets and Earth Day

Private funds? Please, the public has deep enough pockets to protect the folks interested in running the rec center, owned by the city, to allow them the chance to eke out a small profit from citywide taxes paying for the project. Before the management contract is awarded, there will probably have to be a guaranteed return to entice bidding on this hazy undeveloped concept.

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An explanation to readers about recent home delivery issues

No Sunday paper, at least a Monday paper in driveway due to my 'new carrier' not being informed I had paid for premium porch service. Is this one of the affected areas?

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An explanation to readers about recent home delivery issues

To compensate subscribers in the affected delivery areas in Lawrence, the Journal-World will be extending their subscription by one week.
Does this mean my monthly payment's due date will be moved a week later?

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Town Talk: California-style luxury lounge to open in downtown; crowd control plans to change for downtown Final Four celebration; city studying natural gas trash trucks

Definition of SWAGGER from Merriam-Webster dictionary
intransitive verb
1: to conduct oneself in an arrogant or superciliously pompous manner; especially : to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence
2: boast, brag
transitive verb
: to force by argument or threat : bully
Really, a noun?

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