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Kansas Legislature taking up measure targeted at human trafficking

Prostitution and human trafficking are not synonymous. Given these changes, a woman that markets herself for prostitution would then defined as a trafficker. That doesn't make sense. Prositituiton is legal in Nevada. It makes no sense to make a felony out of it in KS. Human trafficking occurs only a in very small number of cases. This will just end up criminalizing a whole bunch more people. If I am not mistaken, KS prisons are already the point that the State cannot pay the costs.

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Federal appeals court agrees to hear appeal in Eudora water dispute

All over a few water customers.

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Governor optimistic on trade between Kansas, Europe

It is a lot of hype. Boeing is leaving KS. Cessna has already moved some operations to Mexico. And Beechcraft is being bought out by the Chinese.

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Chinese industrialist behind Hawker Beechcraft bid

Well everything else has gone to China....aviation might as well too. And no one cares. The number of private pilots in the US is in a free fall because flying is too expensive and way to heavily regulated. I wonder if the US military will buy its defence planes from Chinese manufacturers? Or will they have any choice?

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Heat causes fish to die in Kanza Preserve pond

There is no reason to spend resouces to clean it up. The racoons and turtles will take care of it for free.

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Brownback to sign measure to conserve Ogallala Aquifer

So basically you think farmers are stupid, yet you call yourself a tomato grower.

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Brownback to sign measure to conserve Ogallala Aquifer

Kansas farmers are the only ones who lost here....because they have too much integrity to lobby. Last I knew, adjacent states dont have any restictions on Ogallala water usage.

As I have said before, KS needs a wind powered pumping system to move water from east to west. Sound crazy? There is already a 500-mile pipeline going in from Wyoming to eastern CO for water supply. Other states are doing it while KS is playing big-lobbyist political games of the water supply.

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Brownback to sign measure to conserve Ogallala Aquifer

Exactly. They want to conserve, but they gave the Holcomb station an open check to pump as much as they want for "evaporative cooling". That water will be lost on a once-through basis.

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Brownback to sign measure to conserve Ogallala Aquifer

If they are free....they are no longer a prostitute.

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House gives preliminary OK to bill that supporters say preserves religious freedom, but opponents say allows discrimination

Clearly, the legislature is down to pure partisan politics instead of solving the state's problems. Must be getting hear the end of the session.....thank God. We can all breathe a sigh of relief when they go home.

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