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Be prepared

Before the vultures come out, I know there is a misspelled word. The power went out before I could edit, and when it came back on, it had submitted my post.

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Be prepared

It is said that Nurses are among the most trusted professions in the country. This is for good reason. A nurse's primary responsibility is to advocate for his/her patients, even when this is in direct dispute of a physician's order, even when it goes in the face of any "system" put into place, and even when politicians put their own interests above those of our patients.

Personally, I am a nurse who has been working with patients for over 28 years now, and I support HealthCare Reform. I challenge any politician, I challenge you Govenor Brownback, to work in the Emergency Room for one week, even one night, and tell me we do not need HealthCare Reform! Ours is a system broken, by anyone's account.

Professionally, the American Nurses Association fully supports HealthCare Reform. See http://nursingworld.org/healthcarereform for more information.

Is every specific detail of the Act perfect? I do not profess to know. However, I do know that it is time to stop playing childish games and get on with fixing the problem. Take politics out of the equation. Govenor Brownback, I beg you to help me advocate for my patients and stop holding Kansans hostage!

Cheryl Arnold, BSN, RN

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Brandon Woods seeks dismissal of lawsuit

This is a horrendous case of a cover up! If it had not been for the staff at LMH ER, who refused Brandonwoods request to NOT call the police, this could have gone undetected and this man would still be working there! Thank God for LMH!

"...Brandon Woods attorneys argue the plaintiffs “must include a claim that staff members knew of the ‘evidence’ and allegedly destroyed it with such knowledge in hand.” REALLY?!! Give me a break! This is what happens when a big conglomerate buys out a local business.

At the very least, Brandonwoods failed to report the suspected abuse. That is AGAINST THE LAW! At the worst, this guy is now working somewhere "caring' for someone elses mother because they destroyed evidence to convict him. Pittiful!

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Serious charge

Why do you not state the name of the facility? It was Brandonwoods that tried to cover up this horrible crime. The DA also allowed this issue to be swept under the rug. If not for the morality of the employees at LMH, they would have gotten away with it!

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

Please do not underestimate the power of a great CEO. 20 years ago, I am sure LMH had great nurses, but I would have taken my loved ones with a serious illness out of town. Last year, LMH saved my father-in-law's life. A few months ago, my dad passed from cancer at LMH. The way he, and we, were treated was remarkable. That comes from the top down. From technology to staff, quality all the way!

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Executive pay varies widely at Lawrence nonprofits

I don't pretend to know about such things. I only know that I work at LMH, and Gene Meyer is a great administrator. He took this hospital from a place "I wouldn't take my dog to" 20 years ago to a standard so high that I am totally comforatable taking my own family there (just ask Providence employees if they would say the same.) This hospital in now worthy of Magnet Status. I hope they go for it someday! As an employee, it is a wonderful place to work. We are a family. When other hospitals were laying people off, LMH was financially sound. We even got a bonus last year! Gene Meyer had the foresight to put a freeze on hiring a few years back (which many criticized, including me) so that LMH was able to ride out the recession. I will tell anyone who asks that I am proud to work there!

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LifeStar helicopter transports Lawrence woman to KC hospital following incident near Redbud Lane

LMH is not a trauma center. Where you go depends on the injuries.

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Fort Riley soldiers begin deployment in Iraq

My son is also included in this. This is his second tour in Iraq. I don't know if I dare feel more secure this time of his safety. God Bless you Bud! God Bless all of you who serve! We will pray for you every day.

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Majority must reclaim center stage

Reasonable people have no one to blame but ourselves. When the fringe started yelling, we went mute. I think most people posting here are missing the point. The point is not your political views, it is how we verbalize them. I am a liberal, but I see many conservative ideals as having merit. The whole point of having two (or more) parties is to never let things go too far in either direction. We need both parties to balance each other out.

Yes, we are a country built on hard work, being responsible for one's self, and freedom from government interference. And yes, we are a country built on Christian values. However, the Christ I know and love tells us to care for those less fortunate. We are also a country who takes care of their own, while knowing that our "own" includes those from all races and religions. Right now, Bin Laden is winning by default. We are tearing each other apart.

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Man arrested on charges of rape Sunday morning

when I first read this early this am, they had listed the victim's name. It has since been removed.

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