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Lawhorn's Lawrence: You thought recruiting a point guard was tough? Try recruiting a doctor

What this article doesn't mention is, LMH turns down many physician applications as well. Getting approved to practice there is like getting top secret clearance for the government! It's almost as bad for nurses.

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3 claims dismissed in elder abuse suit

If only B woods had come to the family and said..."this horrible thing happened, we have reported it, and the man will be punnished." That did not happen. They tried to cover it up and got caught (thanks to LMH!) The B woods social worker and DON in this case committed a crime!

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Be prepared

you made my night! lol.

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Be prepared

Thank you frankie, I am not in the ED anymore (old age ya know,) but still at the hospital. We take great pride in serving you.

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Be prepared

You seem to be very obsessed with my paycheck. Don't you get one?

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Be prepared

FYI, my dad fought in Viet Nam and my son has fought in Iraq twice for my freedom, so do not say you do. Thank you.

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Be prepared

Liberty...I think you and I both have shown ourselves for who we are here. I work for an actual profession that actually does something for the greater good. I only wish for our leaders to put their big girl panties on and do the same. What have you ACTUALLY done lately, besides rant against the wind? I would rather aim for everything and get half of it than to aim for nothing and get all of it. Won't you try with me?

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Be prepared

cait48, thank you so much for your kind words. I am working on my Master's in Nursing Education, so that people like Lib will even have a nurse to take care of them when they are old. All this just to come out with massive debt and making less than my first year as an RN (I too "climbed the ladder.")

However, that was not the intent of my original response to this editorial. My intent was to point out, like you said, healthcare for all benefits us all. WE ALL should lower the rhetoric of the current day political firestorm and DO something. I am proud to be a nurse, and prouder still to suppport any initiative that fights to do something for my patients, not just complain about it. After all, an obstructionist never moved anything forward, did they?

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Be prepared

Are you referring to me or the "uneducated clown?" (Liberty's words, not mine)

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Be prepared

Thank you...Liberty, is it? You are making my point! Healthcare has everything to do with who can afford it. Talk to me the next time you are waiting 4-6 hours in the ED because it is filled to max capacity with those who have no primary care and no way to get it.
BTW, I'll discuss my years of education as related to my income when you do yours, okay?

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