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Cameras, checkpoints gone

Everybody knows what goes on at WakFest. Drugs. We all know it.

I really get tired of people complaining about the police. A "good" police officer took the job to enforce laws. It is their job. It doesn't matter what your opinion of the law is. I want the police to uphold every law because it is their job. They themselves might not agree with it, but they have a job to do.

They might not handle things correctly at the festival and be overbearing, but I bet they have a reason. Considering 99.9% of people I have encountered in my life have or do smoke weed, it is only reasonable to assume this figure holds up for WakFest.

I guess the police should look the other way when everyone is just having a good time...

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Wal-Mart politics

How does the "think of the children" thing keep coming up? Nearly every single school in Lawrence is exposed to an overwhelming flow of traffic. I sometimes wonder if some of these people with traffic concerns actually drive. A new WalMart will most likely have no relevant influence on traffic other than displacing it near another school. So that would now be a problem. I guess it isn't already a problem. Anybody ever drive near LHS after 3:00 P.M.? I wouldn't want to be trying to cross the street or walk home.

And honestly, how many of us aren't cheap? I have no desire to spend more money than I have to on everyday necessity items. I'm not going to spend more money just to keep it local, and I really doubt any one else will either. It would be great to think otherwise, but deep down, I would rather save money. And the tax dollars stay local from WalMart, except the prices are lower so the actual amount per purchase of tax dollars is less, but I bet they have higher sales due to lower prices and that makes more tax dollars for the city to put in their pockets and take home.

This next statement will provide an answer to every argument:

Lawrence is corrupt. It has been since at least the 70s. Will it change? No. Does the city government care about you? No. Sure they want your vote, but it doesn't really matter because choosing one corrupt person on a ballot with two corrupt people doesn't change anything.

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Commissioner not sorry for Wal-Mart e-mails

I don't know if I've ever seen such stupid.

24 minutes to get to 95th and Quivira? From Eudora maybe? Driving 105 MPH? It is not possible to make that drive from any place relatively inside Lawrence during daylight hours. That is just ridiculous to even think this.

Time for basic logic.

Free State is actually, believe it or not, the only school in Lawrence. I know. It's hard to believe. Now, lets say roughly 25% of the current customers of WalMart came from the west side of town. I doubt they used the South Lawrence Waste of Money (Trafficway). This 25% would not drive across town anymore with a new WM. Less crosstown traffic.

Traffic arguments are 99% pointless in reference to a new WM. I think it is rather obvious that traffic is always a problem everywhere during daylight, especially warm, hours. Its a simple fact.

Who voted for this Burress guy? Wasted vote.

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Mayor invites Wal-Mart to submit new plan

Where to start...

Hippies went to WalMart from Wak Fest because it is cheap and they don't have money, at least its what I suspect. It could actually mean that the bypass provided a use for once.

Anybody remember when WalMart offered to pay for the expansion of 6th St. west of Wakarusa? WalMart offered to spend several million dollars to be able to begin construction earlier than previously scheduled. At this time, WalMart was under the impression the plan had been approved to build upon completion of the street widening yet now, years later, they are not. The city declined WalMart's offer and spent the city's money on the road construction. Thanks, City of Lawrence. You could have saved several million dollars.

The Tanger outlet mall is entirely worthless. Why would I-70 traffic go there even if you could see it from the turnpike? Nobody is going to get off the turnpike and pay a toll to stop at a mall and turn around later and get back on the turnpike. That is ridiculous.

Traffic is obviously not a concern to the City of Lawrence. Yes, traffic would increase in that area, but does it really matter? Traffic is insanely heavy anywhere you go in Lawrence. The fact that it would increase near FHS is no different than the current traffic near LHS. You must consider the traffic trying to find their way to Kentucky St. so they can head for the ONE bridge into N. Lawrence.

WalMart would not build a new store if they would not be profitable. Do you think WalMart hasn't spent thousands of dollars researching where to put stores? The company is one of the most successful companies ever. It is probably safe to say that a WalMart store cannot fail.

The city has grown beyond the control of city commissioners. It is impossible to think this can be changed. The city has grown exponentially in recent years and the only way to stop the growth is to quit giving building permits. It is time to abandon the ways of old that have expectedly failed.

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