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Lawrence group begins effort to raise tobacco-purchasing age to 21

Raising the age of purchase for tobacco products may cost the state a small amount of tax revenue in the short term, but provides huge savings in health care costs in the long term, as well as sparing young people a lifetime of addition. Where KCK, Olathe, and Iola lead, other communities will soon follow. It's the right thing to do.

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Three-lane 9th Street sees fewer crashes after lane reduction

Just a quick correction: The reconstruction of Ninth actually increased the number of lanes from four (two shared lanes in each direction) to five (a shared lane and a bike lane in each direction, plus a center turn lane).

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More bicycles on road means more caution, manners required of everyone

It's inaccurate to call people "selfish" for choosing the safest and most considerate way to travel. Bicyclists choose to ride two-abreast in order to maximize their own visibility to approaching traffic, and to make it easier for that traffic to pass them (since a group riding side-by-side is much shorter than a single-file group).

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Bicyclist injured in accident

@BringBackMark, Can you explain that incident in more detail? I'm having trouble visualizing how a cyclist could cause you to nearly have a head-on collision...

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City approves policy in effort to make streets more pedestrian-friendly

Yes! Making Lawrence more walkable, more bikeable, move livable, is the best thing we can do to make our city a better place to live. Let's move forward with this!

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Gas prices

If you don't like paying the price for gas, then stop. Burning up your money is an entirely voluntary expenditure...

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Gas prices

"they tell you to adapt and ride your bicycle. That doesn't help anyone"

On the contrary; that helps everyone. It's not a complete solution by any means, but more people on bikes is an unalloyed good thing.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Bicycle registration and license schemes have been dropped by most cities (Topeka last year, Wichita two years ago, for instance) because they cost more to administer than they bring in. Most cyclists already have insurance through their auto coverage or their homeowners/renters coverage. Most roadways are funded primarily with property and sales tax, which we all pay, one way or another.

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Lawrence man ticketed after clipping elbow of bicyclist

Isn't your "Lance Armstrong" reference a little out of date? Guy's been retired for some time now. Maybe a new stereotype is in order...

And cyclists do own the road. Just as you do. Just as we all do. It's a public road, and everyone is entitled to use it safely.

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