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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

Okay, if it's illegal to have your cat running free then might I add it's also illegal to endanger a pet and also to shoot in the city limits. Give me a break!! My cat is the sweetest thing on earth, why anyone would shoot him is beyond my understanding. It's happened to other cats around too. People that harm animals for fun or simply because they don't like them being around should suffer consequences, PERIOD. I give all of my animals the attention, love and care they deserve, so I am not going to feel guilty for letting my cat outside. I live on a quiet street where all of my neighbors let their cats out. If an owl took my cat away or he got hit my a car, those would be my consequences for letting him live a free lifestyle. But shooting a cat? Seriously?

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New home sought for stray cat who was trapped and shot twice

someone shot my cat with a pellet gun last October in the Brook Creek neighborhood. I would love to find out who did it, but have no clues and do not want to point any fingers. If anyone knows of suspicious behavior over off of 13th and Elmwood, I would LOVE to know. This has been a real (expensive and depressing) ordeal, getting my cat healthy again. Luckily, he is a tough little guy.

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