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Road project for growing northwest Lawrence delayed by 2015 city budget

It is nice to see a project east of Massachusetts get priority for once.

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Kansas inmate disputes lawyer's claims on death penalty trial strategy

Hawker may be guilty of ineffective counsel due to not issuing appropriate subpoenas, doing the research needed Etc., but not due to lack of approval by the client of the trial strategy. No client has the right to approve trial strategy. The lawyer is solely responsible for presenting the case the best way he sees fit.

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Column: LHS administration should take mulligan, rehire coach Mike Lewis

Four Assistant Principals? Not only does a high school not need an Athletic Director but it only needs a total of one Assistant Principal. PUT THE MONEY IN THE CLASSROOMS!

P.S. While there are this many administrators, does the award winning debate team still not have enough money in its budget for paper and Manila folders?

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Lawrence residents share views on future of Kansas water

I think the people of eastern Kansas should stick with commenting on the reservoirs with which they are most familiar and dependent on and leave the issues of the aquifer to the the people of western Kansas who are most knowledgeable and affected by it. It is really an entirely different climate, geography, and economy in each side of the state, and generally the public does not have the knowledge to make intelligent comments outside of their region.

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Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?

This editorial is right on the mark. The escalating personal hatred by "liberals/progressives" of anyone who disagrees with them is shameful. Now we are starting to see this hatred move from talking to hateful action such as forcing the President of Modzilla out of his job for his political views. That is UnAmerican.

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House rejects measure to repeal state renewable energy standards

The coal fired generating station serves two purposes. 1 provide electricity when the wind is not blowing or is blowing too hard. 2. Exist as the power plant to receive the power from the wind farms, which is then transmitted where needed. I just moved to far western Kansas from Lawrence. Several wind farms were built in the last few years. Every day I see multiple loads of wind turbine blades being driven through town on their way to new wind farms. It is a very big thriving industry for Kansas.

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City seeking grant money to build new hike and bike trail through downtown, East Lawrence

I agree with the above comment. I think the idea of expanding the trail is a wonderful idea. However, it is not an essential function of state government. Local government should fund such projects. Wouldn't the $750,000 in state finds for this project, and perhaps the millions more for similar projects be better spent properly funding the education of our children as required by our constitution?

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Public comment period opens on proposed changes to permit for coal-fired plant

I just moved from Lawrence to Scott City, Kansas, not far from the proposed power plant. What is not reported well in eastern Kansas is that a big reason for the "coal fired plant" is to provide a power plant to receive the power generated by wind farms. Currently are few places to sell the wind generated power. I know of two wind farms that are on hold because they do not have a place to sell the power. The coal in the new power plant will be used as a supplement to provide constant power because wind does not blow all of the time even in western Kansas. The power plant will be a boon for wind farms. The new power plant will create less than half the pollution of the power plant in Lawrence. Those concerned about pollution should work to shut down the old power plants like Lawrence and replace them with new power plants like the one proposed in Southwest Kansas which will help Kansas fulfill its potential to be "the Saudi Arabia" of wind power for the state and nation.

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Lawrence High takes second at State Novice Debate Championships

Congratulations to Mr. Plinsky and the debaters. The ability of 9th graders to participate in debate and other high school extra curricular activities is one of the bonuses from having the 9th graders at the high schools instead of the Junior highs.

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Have you ever purchased alcohol for someone under age 21?

Please do not buy alcohol for my teen aged daughter!

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