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Student-led Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk group issues diversity-related demands for KU; here's some more context

As an alumna and parent of a current student I am glad KU took the initiative of the town hall meeting. From the demands, it appears race relations are not the issue they are at MU. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a continuing big problem at KU. I hope it is taken more seriously and people are fired and arrested more frequently.

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In past year, KU has created six new jobs to confront the issue of sexual assault on campus

Now if KU could just get the District Attorney to prosecute these types of cases, sexual assault s might go down.

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Kansas lawmakers still unable to reach budget agreement

The Senate bill seems to be the best possible bill we can get at this time. The House should swallow hard and pass it. If they don't, they should stick around and pass their own tax bill. To leave without a funded budget is an abrogation of their responsibility. Perhaps the Supreme Cour should order them all locked in the Capitol Building including Brownback, without pay or air conditioning until they finish their job.

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US Sen. Roberts' 'Frozen' ringtone creates hearing hysterics

At least we know he attended the hearing!

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School district may increase property taxes to offset expected state funding cuts

As a conservative, I have to say that an excellent education is key to conservative values. You have to have good education to make good citizens who can be self reliant.

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Proposal to hike ag land taxes spawns backlash from Kansas farmers

The property taxes on agricultural land have already gone up in western Kansas. In Scott County this years taxes on agricultural land went up an average of 46%!!! That more than wiped out any savings from income taxes. The reason? We were told the revenues were needed to replace income taxes.

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Cycle of psychosis: Mental illness gripped woman accused in East Lawrence homicide

We do not let her off scot free, but we remember that in this case it was probably the mental illness that caused the action, and not anything a rational person would call intent, or even accident, and the courts should act accordingly. It is so sad that this time Osawatomie released her too soon, before she was stabilized. Again society failed the mentally ill, and both the patient and an innocent person paid for it.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Judge Michael Malone and the human verdict

One of the best things Judge Malone did to serve the law was to establish the Douglas County Law Library. With the Law Library, Douglas County Attorneys have access to sources they could not otherwise afford, and can therefore represent their clients better. It also is a place where newer attorneys informally get advice from experienced attorneys. Thank you Judge Malone, and welcome to retirement! Carolyn Simpson

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Road project for growing northwest Lawrence delayed by 2015 city budget

It is nice to see a project east of Massachusetts get priority for once.

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Kansas inmate disputes lawyer's claims on death penalty trial strategy

Hawker may be guilty of ineffective counsel due to not issuing appropriate subpoenas, doing the research needed Etc., but not due to lack of approval by the client of the trial strategy. No client has the right to approve trial strategy. The lawyer is solely responsible for presenting the case the best way he sees fit.

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