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As dust from primaries settles, depth of conservative losses sets in

Beloeve me, out here in conservative western Kansas, we are just as upset with the education policies as is Johnson County. We elected Mary Jo Taylor, a school superintendent to replace a conservative in the Senate. Good government does not equal no government.

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Kansas Democrats start petition for special session

Thee legislature violated not just any law, but the Kansas Constitution, and the Governor did not instantly call back the legislature? When the people who write the laws, refuse to obey the laws, we have no government at all.

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Regents report: Kansas universities accept hundreds of students who don’t meet minimum admission standards

I agree with the higher standards. It was common knowledge at Emporia State that professors could only flunk students out of a class after a particular date so the university got its state money for them. Having acceptance standards high enough so only students are accepted who can actually do the work is better for everyone.

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Kansas Democrats unveil government reform bills

As a Republican I support these bills, especially the no pay after 90 days.

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Letter: Godly parents

You don't have to join any religion. You just do not have a right to restrict me from practicing my religion. Your do not have a right to go around in an environment where faith is not expressed.

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Letter: Godly parents

The studies compared married man/ women couples, unmarried man/woman couples, and single parents. Interestingly, although same sex couples talk about "long term committed relationships" researchers could not find enough long term relationships to get a statistically valid sample. That really says something in and of itself.

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Letter: Godly parents

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are based on our Judeo Christian values which are found in the Old and New Testament and Natural Law. And no, Freedom OF Religion does NOT mean freedom FROM Religion. One of our U.S. Supreme Court Justices recently commented on that in a speech. Finally we need to do what is best for the children. We know through recent academic studies, a home with a mother and father of different sexes is best for the children. Can we be less concerned with adult "rights" and more concerned with the best we can possibly do for the children please?

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Student-led Rock Chalk Invisible Hawk group issues diversity-related demands for KU; here's some more context

As an alumna and parent of a current student I am glad KU took the initiative of the town hall meeting. From the demands, it appears race relations are not the issue they are at MU. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a continuing big problem at KU. I hope it is taken more seriously and people are fired and arrested more frequently.

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In past year, KU has created six new jobs to confront the issue of sexual assault on campus

Now if KU could just get the District Attorney to prosecute these types of cases, sexual assault s might go down.

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Kansas lawmakers still unable to reach budget agreement

The Senate bill seems to be the best possible bill we can get at this time. The House should swallow hard and pass it. If they don't, they should stick around and pass their own tax bill. To leave without a funded budget is an abrogation of their responsibility. Perhaps the Supreme Cour should order them all locked in the Capitol Building including Brownback, without pay or air conditioning until they finish their job.

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