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Have you ever been cited for not wearing your seat belt while driving?

or are you saying that YOU don't put it in drive until everyone is buckled in?

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Have you ever been cited for not wearing your seat belt while driving?

does your car have some sort of sensors that detect whether or not the back seats and/or the passenger seats are actually occupied?

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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011

It's been my experience that KU doesn't shut down because of weather very often. Heck, they have a page ( that basically brags about how little they actually cancel classes. Yet, this is insanely inconsistent. For example, the Feb 21, 2008 afternoon dismissal was laughable; there was about a quarter inch of wet snow that day. That left me scratching my head, thinking about all the times I drove through 5 inches of unplowed streets to get to campus.

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New equipment allows Lawrence road crews to fix potholes in winter

it's always great to hear about new technology.

it's also nice to hear about it actually being used successfully.

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I-70 east of Lawrence scheduled to return to two lanes each direction Thursday

six lanes? why would anyone think ahead like that? i mean, six lanes to topeka, sure, but six to kansas city, oh it will be at least 20 more years before that's feasible

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Lawrence man disarmed, arrested after making threats with gun

i think what these gun wielders don't seem to think through is that once they bring a gun into things everyone else is suddenly taking things far more seriously than the gun brandisher is or ever imagined they would and things don't go as planned. unless of course they're sociopaths and just start shooting but that's another story

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Two killed, four children injured in car accident near Nortonville

well then, it's pretty clear that there needs to be a more stringent standard for dishing out driver licenses. seriously, any 19 year old kid can get a driver license; the "examination" is so dumbed down that only people that are senile or legally retarded won't pass it in the 6 or so attempts they allow. ridiculous.

You say "19 year old kids make mistakes". If you have to single them out as making these sorts of mistakes then they aren't ready to be behind the wheel. PERIOD.

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Family, friends remember three people who died Sunday night in Leavenworth County accident

I agree wholeheartedly. I should have emphasized this first in my original post; you're absolutely right. Accident prevention starts with careful driving. I just happened to look over the area and the passing "permissions" (i.e., spans with a dotted center line) do not seem logical given the curvature of the road. I often wonder just what attributes of a given stretch of road dictate where passing is permitted or prohibited. In this particular case, it doesn't quite gel in my opinion. I must note that this is based solely on examination of the Google streetview imagery as well as the overhead imagery; I have not actually driven on this section of road.

Would anyone who has driven through here care to comment on their own experiences?

Again, I do not wish to diminish what has happened here, this was a terrible tragedy; my goal is to stimulate conversation or whatever it takes to go forward in the prevention of this sort of occurrence in the future.

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Family, friends remember three people who died Sunday night in Leavenworth County accident

What's interesting about that section of road is that passing is allowed for eastbound traffic there but the road curves southward. It is difficult to see oncoming traffic through the car in front of you. Check out the Google streetview imagery at 39° 0'13.18"N 95° 4'38.80"W which is the approximate location of the accident according to the article. I think I'd feel safer passing westbound than eastbound. For whatever it's worth, I think this needs to be looked at.

My condolences to the families of the lost.

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Kansas drivers could get paid for buckling their seat belts

Seriously? Is personal safety not incentive enough to don safety belts? You're telling me that there's no better use for these dollars?

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