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Suspended police officers’ names not released

“But if you found out that they were willing to not pursue their crime-fighting responsibility for the benefit of tickets, which is essentially accepting bribes, then that might change your opinion of the person and go to the weight of what they’re saying,” said Ramirez, a former federal prosecutor.

"......Police Chief Tarik Khatib said there was an internal investigation because it appeared the city’s gratuity policy had been violated."

Thank you for helping me change my flat tire, please accept this $5 gift card to Starbucks = breaking the city's gratuity policy

Thanks for not issuing me a ticket (or more?) for my breaking of the law, please accept these basketball tickets valued at more than $150. = acceptance of a bribe

Black meet white, there is no gray area

It's reassuring to know that because of this possible "indiscretion"/breaking of the city's gratuity policy/taking of bribes, we might be throwing out cases that involve more serious or even violent crimes. This is EXACTLY the reason the taking of bribes by police officers IS a crime and IS a serious issue. I cannot believe our city manager and our new police chief are publicly so nonchalant and unforthcoming about the entire matter.

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NCAA hits Ohio State with one-year bowl ban

As someone who graduated from LHS, played football for Coach Freeman and absolutely loves "Stand Up and Cheer"; I have to say your comment here is inappropriate, out of context and childish.

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Douglas County commissioners agree to give $100,000 to Theatre Lawrence for new building on Sixth Street

There are many area construction companies and subcontractors hurting for work right now. I would have thought they probably could have tightened their belt or scrutinized their budget by 200k on a $6.2 million dollar project and made it work with no extra help needed by city or county taxpayers.

When will they formally put this plan out to bid? I know a lot of general contractors that would love to have a shot at this project. Many have cut their margins in half just to stay busy. It will be interesting to see who the winning bidder will be and if the Theatre Lawrence group might be able to cut some cost off the $6.2 million estimate.

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Downtown parking: Is shortage real or perceived?

Seriously. $18 Million for a library REMODEL??? Now, once approved and we actually get a plan put forth, we're looking to add another level of parking for an additional $1 million? We could have easily built two NEW libraries with plenty of parking at other accessible locations in this city for $9 million apiece me thinks and served a greater percentage of our citizenry. Don't we all wish we had this kind of political muscle to sell red herrings to the apathetic and the gulible?

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Former KU athletics fundraiser Rodney Jones sentenced to 46 months in federal prison

From the KU Internal Investigation Final Report……
"Information developed during the witnesses interviews of fellow employees painted a picture of a selfish person who mistreated employees who were not in his favor. Further evidence was developed that Jones had lived in an apartment for several years at a reduced rate. The owner contacted KAI to inquire about the “priority points” he was promised by Jones. The quid pro quo for the favorable rent was supposed to be priority points. The landlord was informed that Jones no longer worked at KAI and that he had not been given the priority points."

Now who was the knucklehead landlord that truly thought they could get priority points strictly because Rodney Jones told him that would be the deal. Wouldn't you want to get that in writing on official letterhead from KAI or the KUAD before giving him the apartment at a "reduced rate"??

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Former manager of KU athletics ticket office Kassie Liebsch sentenced to 37 months in federal prison

Here's what I still have a real problem with and there has still never been a real question asked and certainly not a real answer given:

How does Tom Blubaugh get paid by the athletic department $116,500 for consulting work and no one ( to my knowledge ) has really pressed the issue of what his expertise or advise was OR how an athletic director who ruled with an iron fist wouldn't be aware that he was on the payroll? Who was our payroll manager/accountant? Were we so loose with donor money that we don't miss $116,500? We sure seemed to nickel and dime ( that's $5 thousand and $10 thousand ) our alums to death in the name of moving up a few rows in the fieldhouse and we CERTAINLY kept tight tabs on those precious priority points!

"Blubaugh, a former ticket operations director at the University of Oklahoma, came to Lawrence after his wife secured a similar job at KU in 2004. By at least the fall of that year, according to university records, Blubaugh was performing occasional consulting work for the school. The university eventually paid him $116,500 even though senior athletic department officials did not know he was on the payroll.
They learned of his employment May 13, long after federal and university investigations of the ticket scandal had started." KC Star

"Blubuagh's husband, Thomas Ray Blubaugh, 46, was on the payroll of the ticket office as a consultant from August 2007 through January 2010" Topeka Capital Journal

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Tyshawn Taylor shoulders blame for KU basketball's loss to K-State

Perfect reactions, perfect quotes. Now, if they truly buy-in to their statements and go forward each day to improve on their "faults", this team will finish the season in fantastic fashion. That doesn't necessarily mean national championship, but it will mean giving ourselves a chance and not losing a game because of mental weaknesses.

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$1.2M design contract for new library approved by Lawrence City Commission; city to consider costs of adding extras to plans

I know it's a tough bidding market out there for construction companies and architectural firms. Curious how many architectural firms submitted bid and/or design proposals for this project and what ultimately "won the day" for Gould Evans?

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Colleagues say Zenger ideal to restore integrity and trust at KU

2008? Great year for KU, no doubt. Bill Self, hired by Dru Jennings. Mark Mangino, hired by Al Bohl. Orange Bowl, well we promised and over-bought thousands of tickets to get in ( you can give Lew some credit for outmaneuvering Missouri here ) but we had to write a check for those tickets and the football team still gets most of the credit for having a good enough resume' to qualify. Either way, those coaches ran those programs and got those players to perform, Lew did not hire either coach and had no affect on those performances and achievements. Right place at the right time.

Hope our new athletic department can continue to double our athletic budget? Not gonna happen and it will have nothing to do with Dr. Zenger's ability either, I believe he will do an outstanding job. There are lots of bridges that have been burned and in need of repair post-Lew, not to mention Lew's best trick on raising revenue was to blackmail our basketball fan base to the max, so that trick has already been done. Not much left to hold as a hammer.

Improvement of facilities? Yes, you can give him some credit on this one for the simple fact that he got them pushed through and accomplished. However, they are FAR from paid for and will require a good chunk of our athletic budget going forward, essentially hamstringing our new athletic director from doing anything new facilities-wise in the near future. It's been a positive, but giving Lew too much credit when it is now the responsibility of the new A.D. ( and our alumni ) to get them paid off is a mistake.

Keeping T. Boone Pickens away from Self after our winning of the national championship? Lew had zero to do with any of that, other than offering a raise and contract extension which any KU Athletic Director would have done after that season. It is KU's basketball history and tradition that put Self in the position to win a championship in the first place and Self is smart enough to recognize it. His ability to get better recruits and possibly win more championships at KU is what kept him here at KU as opposed to going to Oklahoma State for short-term monetary gains. Ego trumped greed in this case and we're splitting hairs between a million here or there.

Hope that clarifies things a bit. Rock Chalk.

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KU coach Self to give peas a chance

"Eighth-year KU coach Self was asked if he ever has been at a school where people discuss starting lineups or seemingly care about them so much."

I am quite certain it is more a case of one reporter's infatuation with that question. The vast majority of fans I know discuss best combinations or overall playing time, but rarely do we ever care who starts or who doesn't. Other than this reporter constantly raising the issue, what other reporters, papers, news agencies obsess with this question? Feel free to ask fellow Hawk fans how much they truly care about "the starting line-up".

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