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Bid approved for cable median barriers along K-10 corridor

your car....$10,000 a persons life-PRICELESS!!!!!

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Another five mobile homes at the Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit to live in

The city probably wants the property like they do the 12 & Haskell Recycling property. They take control of the property this way so it doesn't cost the city much money.....pretty devious of the City of Lawrence don't ya think????

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Woman searches for mysterious Lawrence hero from childhood

I remember the same union pacific employee. I use to see him around every now and then but I moved away a few years ago. I will see what info i can find about him. He also made us feel safe walking to and from school.

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Woman searches for mysterious Lawrence hero from childhood

Sorry but I was born in 1977 and went to school in north lawrence. Where was lincoln elementry? I may have information on her hero.

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Douglas County Commission increases camping fees but says fireworks still OK at Lone Star Lake

Very good point!! I hope the County takes that into consideration and installs ladders!!!

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Charities find gold with extreme couponing

I want to learn how to do this. I tried but kept finding that the generic or store brands were cheaper even with coupons. so I think im doing something wrong. HELP!!! I have a family of 8 and we try to make it on 1 income. This would really help us.

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Curbside recyclers in Lawrence working around closure of 12th and Haskell center

There are people in the area that depend on 12th & Haskell Recycling to pay their bills every month!!! If the city forces Bo to close it will do more negative than positive. Did the city even consider that 12th and Haskell Recycling helps people feed their children, pay their bills by buying unwanted scrap? Do these neighbors understand good things this business does? How many people this business helps? No I think these neighbors are selfish, inconsiderate people that need to get a hobby other than spying on a company that provides a way for people to supplement their income. There are a lot more people this business helps than there are neighbors in that area!!! I think the city is trying to close Bo's to benefit itself somehow... they aren't even considering the positive that this business does!!! Sad very sad!!

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In Lawrence, anti-bullying efforts depend on the school

Four of my kids attend Eudora High and there they say they have a "zero tolerance" for bullying. I have told my kids if they are bullied to follow protocol... tell someone, a teacher, counselor, principal, some adult. And if that doesn't work... Fight Back. I tell my kids this because on 2 separate occasions 2 of my kids were bullied(and yes "talking crap" is a form of bullying) and they told an adult. On one occasion, my daughter was told to "let it roll off your back" the bullying continued. The teacher(adult) did nothing more. So my daughter fought back. Both occasions my daughters were suspended for sticking up for themselves and stopping the bullying. I know fighting is not the answer and my kids know better than to go around just picking on people but when protocol is followed and nothing is done to stop the bullying by the school then my girls made is stop. On one occasion my daughter came home in tears from the bullying still the school did nothing even after I called the school and told them what happened. The "zero tolerance" policy is just something to make the school look like they care. I, too, was forced to drop out and complete my GED due to bullying, I'll be damned if that happens to my kids!!!

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Driver, passenger injured in rollover accident late Friday on U.S. Highway 59

So there is a violation of the Privacy Act on the part of the sheriffs department? Hmmm surprising??? not!!! Thanks for the info. LAWSUIT!!

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Driver, passenger injured in rollover accident late Friday on U.S. Highway 59

cheeseburger what is pathetic about pickaname's comment? Its what happened, its the truth.

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