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Letter: Forum change

An electronic white hood...well, I suppose for some it could have been that way...but for most, it was just trying to protect friends and family from harassment, and sometimes trying to keep your job...

In the old days, most of the posters were polite and respectful, even when they disagreed with others...but there were also a handful of overzealous crazies, on both sides of many topics, that made you fearful every time you logged in and commented...the newspaper kept banning them, and they would always find a way back in, appearing multiple times like they had bungee cord on their butts...

Their security in this area truly sucked, and I don't suppose it will be a lot different now that people are using their real names, for the most part...there will still be those crazies that will harass others to the point of it being criminal...I for one don't feel a bit safer having everything linked through Facebook, since we all know what a paragon of virtue that place is...NOT!

And I'm still Crazyks, even though you now know my real name...right now I suppose it doesn't matter much, but in days to come it may matter again...and then, sad as it would be, I'll probably just stop posting, like a lot of others probably already have...

In a day and age where giving your real name makes it easier for tech savvy people to find you, it seems kind of stupid to me to make it a requirement, instead of a choice...but, that's how the owners choose to do it...they may just find that they lose a lot of readers because of it...

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Opinion: Ho Chi Minh not a Jeffersonian

Exactly how did Mr. Obama affirm anything that the man said? Just by not challenging it? Really?

So this is how leaders of countries are supposed to behave, by saying to other leaders, "why, that's not how it was at all, and you know it, you big, fat're a communist through and through, and everyone knows it."

Really? And what do you think that would have accomplished, besides causing a huge international scene? Insulting another world leader is what we're supposed to do?

Much as you might like to be the American dictator for everyone else, all other countries are sovreign nations and can do whatever they damn well please in their own country...we can't and won't force others to be just like us...otherwise, would we be any better than the governments that you constantly belittle in these forums?

Discretion is the better part of valor...and it seems that Mr. Obama knows that far better than you or Rep. Sam Johnson...

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Opinion: Case more notable as tragedy than crime

Do you really think Zimmerman would have perceived a white teenager, wearing a hoodie, as just as much of a threat?

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Opinion: Stay calm and let the NSA carry on

Everybody is talking as if the U.S,. government has never done this kind of thing has, numerous times, and even in the eras long before cell phones, the internet, and sites like Facebook...

It's nothing new, people...the FBI had files on thousands and thousands of totally innocent people, for no apparent reason, long before this age of technology even existed...

And then there was the McCarthy era...when you didn't have to do anything at all to be crucified...just the accusation alone was enough, and they didn't much care where that accusation came from...

Please stop believing this is something different...there really is nothing new under the sun...

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Letter: Food stamps vital

They died...would you prefer that?

Please stop obsessing over the free phone thing...the Life Line program started long before Obama...

Would you like it better if we just rounded up all the poor people in a field somewhere and just waited for them all to die?

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Letter: Food stamps vital

You can buy pop with food stamps...just not non-food items...

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

That seems a little strange to me, too...

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

Even if he was, it doesn't really give the van driver the right to smack someone and take their glasses...

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Lawrence man charged with stealing motorist's eyeglasses in road rage incident

I suppose that hand gesture could been seen as provoking somone...gee, I give hand gestures all the time when I drive...but they're safely under the dash, where the other drivers can't see sense in riling someone else never know what they'll do...

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Senate Republicans approve sales tax increase, cuts in income tax rates, lower food sales tax

I'm not sure I understand exactly how they're going to do this...if you go to a place like Wal-Mart and buy both food and non-food, how do they calculate what sales tax you owe? Will we have to start putting stuff on the checkout and separate it by what it is?

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