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Town Talk: Neighbors win ruling in industrial zoning case near Lecompton interchange; airport sewer project creating concern; city to formalize agreement with SRS

arbitrary- Based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
capricious-Characterized by or subject to whim;impulsive and unpredictible.

When you look these two words up in the dictionary there is a photo of Jere and Bob.

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Acres of trees removed in rural Douglas County; questions raised over whether potential for new regulations played a role

Who is Guy? Is he responsibile for the tree removal? I like nice guys but if he is responsible for this clear cutting of timber at 850 road than I think he is a moron.

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Lawrence City Commission candidates sharpen their messages at forum

Please, do not vote for Steve, Joel, Doug or Duane.

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Who is your favorite actor or actress?

Mike Dever and Sven Alstrom

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Annexation approval

City commissioners did not approve this annexation. They sent the request to a much improved board of county commissioners.

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Commissioners enthusiastic for Lowe's but have significant concerns about proposed location

Compton also destroyed a Kansas state champion bald cypress tree.

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Lawrence deserves reputation for development difficulty

Rezone Mercato industrial and build the Lowes next to Quacker Oats.

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Two Lawrence developers part ways — meaning prime piece of real estate is about to be auctioned

One thing fer certan, plummers at the industrious site need knot worry about water leeks. cuz there aint no water to run in them pipes

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Former Farmland Industries property likely to be in city's possession within the next 90 days

Can the city rezone a few of those acres. Olive Garden restaurant, or possibly another bank would be nice at that location?

June 12, 2010 at 11:54 a.m. ( | suggest removal )