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Editorial: Medicaid equation

This seems like the easiest choice of ks lawmakers! Not to mention for those who are now not insured!

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Angel Goodrich sets KU assists record as Jayhawks take down No. 22 Oklahoma, 81-71

Congratulations, Angel. Lisa Braddy was quite a player, and to pass her record is a great accomplishment. I am probably most delighted with Monica Engelman's success and confidence to shoot more. Keep it up, Ladies. Good luck at Texas.

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KU women rally from huge deficit, upend TCU

Congratulations to the team! Monica, you found your best form of the season when it was needed most. Keep it up. I'll come to watch you on Sunday.

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Wichita State defeats KU volleyball, 3-1, in NCAA second round

Players, rejoice in your terrific season! As your coaches expressed, you are a wonderful group and most of you will be back next year. My granddaugher and I will come to see you again. Happy Holidays - and good luck with finals.

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21st-ranked KU volleyball team takes care of No. 14 Kansas State in four sets

Keep it going, ladies. Great enthusiasm and performance from every member on the team. Thanks.

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Jenkins reports huge advantage over Schlingensiepen in latest campaign disclosures

Having listened to both during a recent TV program, I was impressed with Mr. Schlingensiepen's responses. I had no idea who he was - but he will be the one I vote for. Where can I contribute to your campaign?

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

Never give up hope. There are always miracles. Volunteer during the election and VOTE, please.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

I can't believe anyone would take time to deal with this nonsense. Wake up, Kansas voters, and clean house in November!

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Pertinent facts

thank you, mr. hull. short, succinct, and true.

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Absentee voting concerns raised under new law

No voter fraud in Kansas anywhere, and we clog up the legislature and airwaves with this nonsense. I have gone to vote for over 30 years together with my friend and neighbor. A liberal "woman in authority" before her retirement and a very well prepared "student" with respect to politics. The only problem we have is that she has gotten frail, needs support to walk stairs, and has a hard time breathing when we walk anyplace for more than grocery shopping. To make the absentee ballot process more difficult is a travesty. BTW, we are both white and object strongly to these unnecessary changes.

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