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McLouth High football player Trevor Roberts loses part of leg after compound fracture during game

I will let you all know about Trevor my daughters goes to school with him. The fact of the matter is is is the hospital fault that Trevor got gangrene in his leg, due to using a un-sterile rod. Everyone at McLouth School is hoping that Trevor will be at the homecoming game this Friday. He is telling all of his friends that a shark bit off his leg, according to one of daughters friends.

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Lawrence cell phone ban would be strictest

I have a comment about this cell phone ban. This ban pertain to police officers, because during this weekend I
saw at least three law officails have a cell attached to
their ear. If this ban goes through it should pertain to everyone. I fully believe this ban is stupid personaly, I know I have seen people drive putting on makeup, brushing their teeth, reading a map, or paying attention
to their kids, because they are fighting in the backseat, or maybe should the ban eating while driving, I know we are guilty of that one. I think they have other problems to worry about than people talking on the cell phones. Well that is my two cents.

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Second victim dies from injuries in Baldwin Junction accident

I my heart goes out to their family and friends on both sides. My suggestion in stead of an overpass or around-about, which could cost extra of tax payers. There is already a caution light there why not just install stop light. Well that is my 2cents worth.

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