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Cost estimates for Rock Chalk Park infrastructure come in about $3 million higher than expected; Self's foundation to make $2 million donation

You know this whole project is so UnReal and so crooked it stinks to Hi Heaven !

Tom Fritzel is a crook, as well as the Lawrence City Commissier that have alllowed this to go on !

Fritzel was allowed to start the project before the Bid's were even submitted ! He was given the go ahead from the city without evening giving a bid! This is BS !

As far as I"m concernd there should be a Federal Investagion into Fritzel and the Lawrence City Commissioners ! There is money going under the table or Fritzel is Blackmailing them !

I'm seen Hog Lots that don't stink as bad as this whole deal Is !

Its time for a outside Agency to sift thru this whole mess ! And while there in town they need to check into the City Commissiners, and Doug Compton too !

I'm sure the Journal World will delete this to protect their rich blue bud Buddies but I won't stop as this is time to clean all this mess up !!

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Disease blamed for rise in number of dead deer

Its people like RUKIDINGME is exactly why my farm is posted No Hunting !

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Now is the time to discuss details of rec complex

Tis Rec Center proposal is Insane !!!! Its just another way for Fritzel's to make more big bucks at tax payers expense ! And the City Commission and Fritzels and Comptom are all in it together !

When are the people of Lawrence going to see the light and put a stop to this Fritzel / Compton BS !

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Details emerging on the proposed Lawrence recreation center

Well I see that the LJW and Fritzels didn't like my comment this morning and had it dealted !

We an see Now even more how Compton and Fritzel's control and run this Town!

My first comment was its all a bunch of Bull Hockey ! Fritzel's do NOTHING for FREE!

Second off this Rec center will be just like the Lawrence Bus System ! No ONE There !

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Town Talk: City would pay $24M in lease payments for proposed rec center, complex would include special sales tax; land transfers, including sale of Kmart Distribution Center property

This is the biggest bunch of Bull Hockey I have ever heard !

This Rec Center will be as big of a success as the Lawrene Bus system !

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Former KU student's body found east of Lawrence; no foul play suspected

This was the missing student from Lawrene, they found him in the woods not to far from my farm.

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City officials tell Orscheln Farm and Home it can't sell chickens or ducks from its Lawrence store

I am a Farmer and live in Douglas County! I have been buying my Chicks/Chickens for years from Orsdhlen's !

To have a few Frickin Idiots from the City of Lawrence, and the DA's office and Animal Control take all this actions about them selling Chicks is INSANE!

All the City of Lawrence Goverment involved should be Fired just based on Pure Ignorance!

I would hope instead of us just Gripping here WE TAKE THIS NATIONAL ~!


WE All need to Pull together to get rid of these Idiots that have been screwing Lawrence up for so Long and taking the cash in the pocket crooked Politic's!~

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Debt collectors must follow fair practices

I can totally relate to this article !

7 years ago I was out of work and my mortage company was callin my family, and my local neighbors for them to come over and put pressure on me! Totally out of line and none of their business! Not mention leaving my neighbors harrassed on Top of that!

Excuse me harrass my Neighbors for a bill I was past due on at the time I was unemployed looking for work !!! Way out of line!

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Public or private?

I totally beleive in ReCyling ! But the city of Lawrence dont need to be in it!

I am amazed and happy to see the amount of folks that go to the Walmart Recyling center to drop stuff of and thats great!

What I don't get is Walmart acts like they are doing some great deal While they are actually making huge Profits off this!

There are other places in Lawrence where you can take you stuff and they will actually pay you cash for them. One place is a small business on Haskel thay will pay you CASH for you can's etc!

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