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Sound Off: Programming weather radios has an option where you can sign up for free text alerts and you tell them what areas and what types of alerts you want.

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Baldwin City woman killed in two-vehicle accident in Olathe

Most people don't expect traffic to be a stop on the interstate.

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For some, campground is home, even in winter

The staff at the state park office at Clinton are fantastic and I'm glad to hear they're working with those who need a place to stay. For those of you associated with youth groups who like to camp, they offer free camping in exchange for some clean up duties. With all the cuts in funding I think local scout troops are about the only way they can get trash picked up.

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New breakfast spot, The Roost, slated to open in former Milton's location

Phillipsburg is an hour north of Hays.

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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

If by junkfood you mean protein, sure.

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Brownback sets weight-loss challenge; not a fan of new school lunch standards

They will when the entree sizes for the Jr High kids are the same size as what the grade school kids are getting. The kids simply aren't getting enough to eat. The sad part is that school lunch is the only decent meal some of the low income kids get--and now that's been cut back to hardly anything.

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Kansas Senate, District 2: Marci Francisco vs. Ron Ellis

My son was lucky enough to have Ellis as a teacher before he retired and he was one who still cared a bunch about the kids. I truly believe he will work hard to make things better for our schools.
Merrill--you know nothing about the man and you make that pretty obvious with your comments. Go crawl back under your rock.

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How often do you volunteer?

Every week as a Boy Scout Leader. Got a great bunch of kids to work with so I love it!

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Ozawkie man, 43, identifed as victim in fatality accident

We live within a half mile of where this happened and it shook our whole family up even though we didn't know Brian. So very sad. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

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